Esprique Beautiful Stay Make Up Base

I always thought this was a sunscreen, as the highlight was the UV50. End up this is a make up base. Well, I guess I wasn’t reading it carefully. To cut a long story short, I love this. I mean I really love it. It’s a good primer that makes my face looks flawless. It just create this clean brightening canvas. It mattifies too without being dry. I just don’t get oily from it. When you shake the bottle, it will rattle, so it makes think to shake the bottle before use. It’s just fun hearing the sound.

It is a grayish green primer, exactly like the packaging. It’s a thin liquid consistency. Easy to blend and spread around. As I said, doesn’t get oily, so I wasn’t scared applying a little more than needed. Well, I don’t need a lot of begin with, a few drop is enough. With UV50, I feel that it added bonus protection for my face, so this is a product I will recommend it to anyone. Even those with dry skin.


Esprique Forming Beauty Pact UV 

This is just a sample. A really cute one at that. I really like how this is basically just a piece of card and ya it has powder sample in it. This can be used like what 4/5 times. This has a SPF22 and in the color OC410. Looks light on when swatch but it blends well on my face. Kind of a more fuller coverage, and can look quite powdery if used a lot. 

It can be used wet or dry. If wet, it is better actually. It actually sinks into the skin better. I mean it blends in better. More like a creamy foundation. 

It also last a good amount of time. Kind of prevent my face from being oily, kind of, but will still be. So touch up is needed. I am not sure if I really like this. I feel that I need one more sample to try it out. But so far so good.