Random Eye Brushes

Before I became obsessed with makeup, I bought random brushes. Especially when it come to eye brushes. So here are the ones that lasted with me through this years.

Elianto crease brush. As I love crease/blending brush. This is good as it is quite small. Perfect for small eyes and can be use for any purpose, really.

Manicare liner brush. It is soft and good for gel liner. Well I hardly use it, but I like it when I happen to play with it.

Essence lid brush. This is decently size. It is fluffy but not exactly the softest brush. Good at picking up pigments.

Nobrand lid brush. This is like first brush ever. I love it. Until now I feel that it is the perfect size for my lid. It is slightly tempered at the top, so it can reach the inner corners of the lid very well.

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage brush is not suppose to be in this picture. This is a concealer brush. Good at doing its job as it has a pointed tip.

Maybelline eyeliner brush. This comes free with the Maybelline gel eyeliner. But I really do think that the brush is perfect for applying liner. It is soft yet sturdy and the tip is the right size for a thin or a thick line.

Elianto angle brush. This one is nice for setting the eyeliner with a powder shadow. It will pick up the shadow and the angle make it just right for tapping into line.

MUA E4 is a liner brush. Just a typical liner brush. But at least you can cover it up so it is good for travelling around with.

Nobrand lid brush. This is my attempt at replacing my fav eye brush. This is good but not as good. So I tend to use this with cream shadows. It will not absorb the cream, so it makes a better cream shadow applicator. And it doesn’t spoil the brush.

So there you have it. All my eye brushes that doesn’t belong with the rest of my brushes.


Essence Lipliner – 08 Red Blush

This is such a beautiful red liner. It deep enough but not too dark that it will look beautiful on a red, berry, plum and mauve lipstick. It will create that beautiful dark edge to make it a bit ombre. I really love it.

Essence Lipliner – 11 In The Nude

Nude lipliner is actually something I don’t really need. It’s nice to have as it suits every lipstick you own. It’s just nice to line your lips. But I find that sometime the lipstick colour will alter. So this is nice to tone down a deep shade, but it can look like a ruin colour. So I guess it really depend. 

But I do like Essence lipliner. I find that they are inexpensive and really smooth to apply. The shades are all also very nice. They are not overly drying but they do set. Not straight away, but they will eventually set. 

Essence Lipliner – 07 Cute Pink

Love the color. It’s the perfect pink for me. It appears more on the nude pink side, I guess that is why it looks nice in the lips. As always, the lip liner is awesome just like every Essence liner I’ve tried. So it’s only a matter of color. Like this, love this and I will repurchase over and over. Cause not only I use this as an outline, I use this on its own. It just is not drying, but it stay put. It is comfortable on the lips. Just a great product to have!

Essence Lipstick in 44

With NYX being more readily available in the market, there’s just so many affordable lipstick to choose from. But Essence is still one of the cheapest and for the price, the product is not bad.
Look at those lips. I happened to get a good pic or it just looks beautiful in photos. Either way, it’s a light, more on the sheer side red. But can be layered and will appear slightly pigmented. Then again, my lips made it so. It’s easy to wear this red, oh the color is call Almost Famous. So appropriate as this color is not those wow red but just almost. A bit on the magenta side I guess. Still perfect for anyone trying out with red for the first time. 

But I have to say. It’s not the best lipstick out there. It’s a light in texture. Easy to apply. Glossy finish. More like a gel finish. No need to use lip liner. Beautifully applied on. Dry out the lips. 

Yup. It dries the lips and that’s the one thing I don’t like about it. So wear a lipbalm before hand. And a smooth lips will be better before applying this. 

So overall. It’s an ok lipstick but I will only recommend it if you want to out crazy colors. Just to see if it actually work for you. Cause Essence is still one of the cheapest brand you can buy in Sg. But if you have the money, please invest in something better. I can say that, but I know when I see the Essence display at Watsons, I’ll want to grab a few more colors. Oh well, habits hard to die. 

Essence Maximum Definition Volume Mascara

I want a mascara that doesn’t clump on me. So I got this in hope that it won’t. It claimed that it won’t. And yea it won’t as long as I don’t use more than one coat. Two coats still alright, but some lashes will appear more close to each other than one coat will gives. But with two coats, you can see volume. This is a really wet mascara. So I am still hoping that it will eventually dry out. It is quite messy though. It just go over my lids, no matter how careful I am at applying. Another bad thing is that it will smudge and run off eventually. It isn’t a waterproof mascara so that’s that. Another but is that it is not easy to remove.
It has a rubber bristle.
Will repurchase? No.

Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss

People were talking about Essence lipgloss being good and cheap. Now, cheap and good in the same sentence? Yes please.
This is nude pink, which is just a nude that is more on the pink side and it has glitter. It’s pretty sheer actually. I like the wand. It’s like a long paddle, not the normal doe foot, which surprisingly is nice to use. The gloss itself is quite alright. Not sticky. It’s quite thick but can be use as a topper.

This color, even though it’s quite sheer, I prefer to use it on its on. Plus the sweet scent is quite nice on the lips. It’s like putting on candy, sparkly gloss.

Essence Lipliner – 10 Femme Fatale

I thought MUA lip liners were great. Well, they are but the Essence ones are just wow. It’s creamy, super easy to glide on. Comes in a range of shades, but I choose 10 Femme Fatale, which is a bright red with a hint of orange tone. The color is super pretty, I wish they still have the lipstick, but I can never find it.
I am suddenly in love with red, so I started with lip liner. I figure if you use red lipstick, you will need a red liner anyway. So I just use it all over my lips. It looks quite drying. It is a tad. I should have use a balm before hand. Anyway when I put a clear gloss over it, it just become a glossy red lip gloss. It’s super pretty and pigmented. Like obviously cause I cover my whole lips with the liner. But ya, it’s just so lovely. I am afraid to move my lips as I don’t want the color to disappear.

I highly recommend Essence lip liners. It’s just so good and really inexpensive. That is the best part, as it’s only $2.50. I have a high end lip liner and it dry on me. Therefore a good drugstore one is probably the best.

One way you can use lip liner is with another lipstick of a different color. Line your lips. Use another color to fill in the lips. Press your lips together, and move it around in a forward and backward motion. Well, you know what I mean. And..
Viola, you have ombré lips. It’s not a really obvious one, but I use a nude shade lipstick to fill it in. The colors on the picture wash it out too. in real life, its pretty, I promise. Oh make sure the lipstick is super creamy, so they blend well together.

Dare I say, I don’t look that bad in red.

The $20 makeup challenge

Hello, today this blog turn 1. I did managed to get rid a lot of products that are old. Kind of proud about that, however I have subsequently collected more. In the process of blogging things down and throwing them out, I fell in love with makeup. I find that I want more. So even though I have more toys now, it is alright, as I actually use them.
This blog has taught me a whole bunch of things, like skin care, makeup, application, myself, etc. I am more dedicated to my skin care regime and caring more about how I look. It is still a learning process, and I thank you for following through this journey with me.

I thought it will be fun to do something different.

The $20 makeup challenge is one of the most popular tag on YouTube. So I decided to do a post on my version of $20 makeup challenge products. I have to roughly convert it to Sing dollar and since makeup is generally more expensive here, therefore it will be less item for S$25.40.

For the past few days, I’ve used only the items mention in this post. I greatly miss my other lip colors, but for the sake of this post, I sacrifice. I also try to use different brands as its more challenging this way.

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Essence smokey eyes set in brown

essence smokey eyes
When I bought this, it was S$5. Now it cost S$5.10. Yeah an increase of 10c, but it’s still an increase. I used to say Silkygirl is one of the cheapest recognized brand in Singapore. But ever since Essence came to town, it took over. It is cheaper and yet it’s really good. Really awesome in quality. Well I swatch them in Watsons, most of the Essence products.

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