Estée Lauder Pure Colour Love – 110 Raw Sugar

I was attracted to the ads of these lipsticks. They were fun and full of opaqueness, creaminess and smoothness. I really wanted one to try. It cost $36, so it’s not that too bad. There’re many finishes to choose from, the one I have is a more creamy finish. 

Raw sugar is a pinkish nude. It’s very nuetral on my lips and a good shade for everyday wear. It’s more pink on me, so it doesn’t look boring. Also the lasting power of this is quite good. It doesn’t last forever, but it managed to survive a light dinner date. Also, it has little transfer. So I enjoy it. It will lose its shine, but the colour will still be there. 

The shade reminds me of Bitch Perfect. But the latter has a glossy finish. Also it’s not as dark. But seriously you can’t really tell the difference. But at least the 2 finishes are different, so I don’t regret having them both. 

The only complain about this, is the shape. While it looks proper and prim in the packaging, it’s actually quite hard to apply on the lips. I’m just so scared of destroying the lipstick that I kept turning it to get a better angle. Which is weird, coz the lipstick is alread angled. But I guess it’s nice to have it in this shape as the pointed sides can get to edge of the lipstick. 


Estée Lauder Advanced Time Zone Night

Not sure if all Estée Lauder cream smell the smell, but the scent is exactly like the resilience lift day cream. This is also quite on the thin side. So it’s quite easy to blend into the skin. While it’s a nice small sample size, it’s meant for traveling but I feel that it’s so hard to used up. The more you use the more you have to dig into the tub. So as always, it’s not my fav kind of packaging. The cream itself is just so so. I don’t see much difference using this. It’s also not something I will keep grabbing. So a bit waste of money. And for someone who love scented product, this can be a bit sickening for me. Therefore this is not good for anyone who are sensitive to scent. 

Estée Lauder Resilience Lift Lifting/Sculpting Eye Cream

I’ve been using this for awhile. Tiny jars are cute, but when the product get used up, it’s just a pain to use. It’s quite gross dipping your finger in. And it’s hard. The only way I can is using my nail to scoop up the product. Or using Q-tip to dip in. 

This is quite a thick cream, but it’s thin when you apply it. Doesn’t help with black and puffy undereyes, but I guess this is more for lifting. So good for older age group. Then again, never too young to apply anti aging. Overall, it’s ok. But I do prefer cooling eye cream that helps to reduce appearances of dark circle. 

Estee Lauder Resilience Lift Firming/ Sculpting Face and Neck Creme

Been using this this for some time. The cream is lighter than the eye cream. It smells perfume like. So that can be a turn off for some people. It smells ok to me. This is for normal or combination skin, but it’s quite oily for me. They say to use this in the AM, but it’s really not something I will use in the morning. It feels good, just feels oily. It has SPF 15. So ya. It’s good but not a fav. 

EL Pure Colour – Rose Petal


This is another frosty like shade. It is suppose to be a Creme but it swatch rather frosty. It’s like a pink with silver sheen. On the lips, the frost is not so obvious. It’s just a very smooth lipstick. It’s a dream to apply. I mean it’s a high end brand, so it should be doing wonders. It is. I mean. It’s a great lipstick. It’s just the colour is not something I will grab. It just doesn’t catch my attention enough. 

Estée Lauder Double Wear Light

My favorite foundation in the whole world (first impression) or at least at the moment. It really depend on my skin. If it is not that too oily, it is great. When my skin is super oily, this gives a matte finish for a while. Then it becomes oily.
This is intensity 2.0 which is a bit light for me. I think the perfect shade will be a shade up. But it kind of blend quite alright. It is smooth, but I did learn, it’s the moisturiser that makes your skin smooth, or the primer. Anyway, it is a medium coverage. I like it as it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin but it is good enough without the need to use concealer. I have to really use a good setting powder to prolong the matteness.

Even though this is a long lasting foundation, I find that it starts to wear off at the 5h mark. A primer will maybe help by another 2h? So it is not really that long wearing after all. But it’s Singapore weather, so melting is mandatory.

This has a light SPF of 10, so it’s good for photograph. At least my skin looks pretty much ok in photos whenever I use this. That is why despite everything, I still like it.

Estée Lauder whitening essence

This is thick. I find that I need quite a lot to cover my whole face. Then it takes me about 30 seconds for the product to sink in completely. It doesn’t leave me oily which is nice. Then it just feels like you had nothing on. It’s like the product totally absorb into your skin. Even the next morning, there’s no trace of the serum. I don’t know if that’s good or not. It feels nice though. Like nothing on your face. I will consider getting the full size, but there’s just too many serum I want to try. So when the time comes, this will be one of my choice.

Estée Lauder Double Wear Mineral Setting Powder

I really like the packaging of this powder. It has a mirror and it can be brought out with ease. Most loose powder are a mess to use, but this one is manageable.
This is not colorless, but I did pick up the less intensity of 2.0. It still shows on the skin though. So I don’t really use this as a setting powder, but I tend to use this one on its own. It gives a light coverage but enough to go through the day. It has SPF which is always good. Loose powder last forever so it’s good. This is $60++, I don’t remember the exact price but it’s worth it.

My Night Time Routine

Happy new year everyone. I will start this year with a post on my night time skin care regime.
daiso makeup remover
I will start with makeup wipes. I bought this in Daiso. Daiso has so many different type of makeup wipes and I will eventually try them all. For $2 I start with this wipes. It kind of remind me of wet tissues. It is really wet, so if you use this in air con room, it’s really nice and cooling. The wetness is good for removing makeup including waterproof mascara. I really like that, unlike wet tissues. It comes in 30 sheet per box, really nice for a monthly wipes.

Then I will wash my face with Cle De Peau Creme Demaquillante, which is basically a cleansing cream. I really like it. It removes makeup really well. If I forgot to use the wipes, I will just use this and it removes my makeup just as well. This doesn’t hurt my eyes, so it’s really good to get rid of waterproof mascara. It leaves my skin soft without needing to use actual cleanser.
After brushing my teeth and stuff, I will use Nuxe Micellar Cleansing Water with Rose Petals to tone my skin. This smells amazing. The rose is not that strong, but rather lovely. It feels nice on the face. Very gentle and refreshing.

I will use Nuxe 24h Soothing and Moisturizing Cream next if I am super tired. But most of the time I will use this after eye cream. This moisturizer is indeed very soothing. It has this scent that calm you. At first I don’t really like it, but eventually I fell in love. It is thick but blend really easily. I like that. It’s not overly oily on the face, and it’s great for night time as when I wake up, my face will be really refresh. The moisture is all absorb into the skin.

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair was my night serum. The first time I use this, I woke up with a super awesome glowing skin. It lasted only a day as the next day my skin is back to normal. And eventually I started breaking out around the forehead and cheek. After much analysis I figured this was the culprit. True enough. Though it was only a sample, I felt I had to finish it. So I just use it once a week. Except on that first day, I don’t think I see a difference with my skin. So this is a no for me, but I know many people love it. Oh the scent is also quite off putting. Exactly of herbal scent, the unpleasant kind.

eye cream
Estée Lauder Re-nutria Eye Creme is used after serum. This is really rich and only a tiny amount is needed each time. I was frustrated with my black under eye, I used to lather this on. I then found out milia was growing. Upon research I found out that I used too much eye cream. And so I found that this is a really good rich eye cream. This is 15ml and will last forever, but the lifespan of eye cream is 6 months and its in a container so better follow that guideline.

So cleanse, tone, serum and moisturize, the next step is to use mask. Those sheet masks at least.
I had been using Sexy Look Intensive Firming Duo Lifting. As you can see, the hole for the eye is rather tiny. At least the right one is. It is extremely uncomfortable. I don’t have a problem with the blue one. And all the masks in the box is the same. So maybe I got a bad box or it’s like that. This mask is moisturizing even though I only leave it on for awhile, not the full 15 minutes. So that’s about it.

After the mask, I will use acne cream if I have spots and lastly I will apply a lip balm.

What’s in my shower?

Today I’ll be sharing the things I have been using in the shower this past month. So these are the products.

1. Estée Lauder Soft Clean Moisture Rich Foaming Cleanser
I like this for removing my makeup, well face makeup. It has a nice florally scent and therefore it can stink your eyes. So I don’t use this to remove eye makeup. It lathers on really well and seems to do quite well in removing most of the foundation on my face. However I wouldn’t be buying this again as I prefer an all-in-one product.

2. Clean & Clear Active Clear Acne Clearing Cleanser
This is just a so-so cleanser in my opinion. It cleans alright, but doesn’t benefit me in anyway.

3. Klorane with Quinine and B vitamins
A revitalizing and strengthening shampoo for thinning hair. I have not had the chance to really buy a proper shampoo. This conveniently appeared in the shower, so I used it. This doesn’t lather easily which I don’t like. It makes my hair shiny in a good way, looks healthy and more volumizing which is great. But at the end of the day, it will be oily. It is also doesn’t seems to help with hair drop. So that’s disappointing.

4. TBS Satsuma Shower Gel
Oranges! While I don’t really like orange, this just smell so wonderful. Like all fruity series of TBS, it lingers on the skin after the shower. It refreshes and motivates me for the day ahead. I love it.

5. Ginvera Real Spa Lavender Shower Scrub
This is nice. Its a relaxing & calming shower scrub to relax stress and renew skin. The lavender scent is not too strong, the scrub is not harsh. And it’s a huge bottle, so it’s a value for money product. As a scrub it doesn’t seems to remove any dead skin. So I just use this as a normal soap and not a scrub.

So that’s it. I am sure it will change soon, especially the shower gel as it is only the travel size. Oh I have one more item and that is conditioner. I am using Sunsilk which I have reviewed here. So ya, do you guys always change product, or keep sticking to the same old thing?