Cleanser: foam, gel and scrub

I’ve tried plenty of facial wash, and none seem to suit me as much as my Beautain. It is not the best, but it gives me the best feeling. As long as it feels nice, I got no complain. So I was saying I tried plenty of cleanser or facial wash and this post is going to be a review on those that can be found in my bathroom right now.

acnes cresson za foaming gel

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Eucerin cover stick

I love this cover stick. It is my favorite concealer. I only so far find this in one shade. So pretty much is not troublesome. Cause I really do hate finding shade for my skin tone. I rather have a one color suit all type of thing. So this is really nice.

Plus it does it job. Eucerin is skin care product, which is a bonus. It does not break out my face. It covers blemishes and red spot. Will get pretty oily towards the end after maybe a day use, but I have powder to override that.

The stick is easy to use. Just a simple packaging. Open cap, twist, apply and cover cap. The size is like a regular pen. Fit easily into make up pouches.

The price is a bit on the up side. But if it works, why not?

First Impression: Eucerin DermoPurifyer samples


Eucerin. Expensive drugstore product.

Active concentrate. Is ok, really nice. Dry very quickly and gives face a really smooth finish. I really like it. Brighten my face too.

Hydrating care. For oily. blemish-prone skin. Acts effectively against skin blemishes. Mattifies & refines the skin’s appearance visibly.
This hydrate the skin but does not mattify. I do not really like it.

Active night care. It states that it will visibly reduces blemishes in 3 weeks. But a sample is used within a day. So no prove to test that out. But it’s really thick and just a little is needed to cover the whole face. I feel my face looks cleaner too. Overall it’s a good night cream.

Cleanser. It is alright. Tried the normal one before, did not fall for it. So never repurchase it.