Eyeko Eye Do Mascara

I got this for $15 during sale. The price is quite fair. Eyeko has a few different type of mascara but this was the one on sale. A lengthening and strengthening mascara that is a collaboration with Alexa Chung. It includes a mascara shield which I think it’s a better use for a guitar pick. 

Anyway, the wand is a quite unique. It’s a bit jagged. It has long and short bristle. A bit tempered at the end. The problem I have with this is that it is quite a big wand. The jagged length of the bristle doesn’t make it easier to get into the lashes. So I find that this works better for people with actual lengthy lashes. It’s just hard to really get them coated if you have short lashes. 

The formula. It’s quite waterproof. Well at least to me. It smudge when I apply this cause the wand is too big. But if I remove the smudge straight away, it’s easy to. When I wash my face with a cleanser, this doesn’t really get off. So makeup remover is the only way I can remove this with. 

The only way I find that this work for me is by curling my lashes first. If I don’t, it will just clump. So curling help it a bit. 

So not a big fan of this. I’m sure the other mascara is much better. And I’m sure if you have naturally long lashes, this will be good for you. But for me, not so much.