Fresh Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy Boosting Face Mask

Dull skin? You’ll need this. It’s a very fruity mask. Smells just like nectarine, mandarins. It feels like you are putting fruit pulps on your face. This is 100ml, so you use this daily also takes time to hit pan. I like it enough but I still prefer their rose mask. I somehow feel that this is better for dry skin. Like if you need an extra boost of moisture, this is the mask you apply. Cause after every use, my face just gets oily. 

You are suppose to use this 2-3 times a week for 10 minutes. And it also acts as a scrub as you are suppose to scrub your face with this and leave on for the duration. Then you can wash off with warm water and clothes or with cotton pads. So it’s actually quite convinient. 


Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment – Poppy

I love Fresh lip balm and poppy is such a beautiful plum colour. But I still prefer the full size of this. It’s just better on application. Plus when this go soft, it breaks off easily. It doesn’t melt but it became too fragile to use. So that’s really the downside of this. It’s Singapore after all, so this will easily melt. And mine melted even when all I did is put this in my room, away from sunlight. The weather is just that bad. But oh well, it’s still a very beautiful product and shade. 

Rose Floral Toner


The first time I use this, I wasn’t impress. It takes time to actually appreciate this. To me it’s like any other toner I’d tried. But the more I used this, the more I find the differences. This toner set like a layer of protection on my skin. It just feels like I put on something. Even though I apply this using a cotton round. And that’s the other thing. When I pour this on to the cotton pad, it just made the pad wet, and unlike other toner, this will somehow doesn’t feel like it will transfer onto my face. A wet pad, but it’s just a brush over the face. I don’t know, it just feel weird. I always have the feel to pour more to make it absorb more toner. But of course I don’t. As the cotton is already wet. 

Anyway, the rose scent is not that strong. A bit weird, as most Fresh scent is rather obvious. But the toner I feel quite help keep my skin in check. I don’t know why, it doesn’t improve or worse it. But during the period I use this, I know my skin was suppose to get worse, as I wasn’t as diligent about cleansing and masking. But somehow my skin just maintain being just the way it was. So I know this is the reason why. 

I might repurchase this. We’ll see. 

Rose Face Mask

This is just so lovely. It’s a very herbal like rose scented mask. It’s water down jelly kind of texture. It has rose petals in it. I really like it. It’s just so soothing and it really calm and hydrate the face. 

It will dry on the face after about 10 minutes. It’s easy to clean up. I already bought the full size. It’s just an easy mask to use. Not messy too. And I really like how my face feels after. The rose scent also not that strong, so it’s good for anyone, really. 

Rose Hydrating Gel Cream

I like this. It’s a gel. I’m a sucker for this kind of texture. But this is more oil based kind. I feel it’s more old as compare to gel, I guess the term is more liquid. It spreads out easily and absorbs rather quickly. A thin layer is enough, more than that, it gets rather oily. Some people this is a bit too oily for their skin especially under the hot weather. But for me, it’s alright. No problem with this melting. But I only spend so much under the sun so what do I know. Overall it’s not bad but I don’t think I will buy the full size. Just cause the texture is not gel as I like. Oh I think the dupe for this will be the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel, but the later smell of watermelon while Fresh has a rose scent.  

Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment

During Sephora sale, I couldn’t resist picking a Sugar lip treatment. People rave about it and I so I need it. And little did I know Bellabox gave a mini one for their I believe May box. So now I have two and I’m glad I picked up the shade Passion from Sephora.
fresh passionThis is 4.3g with a really nice metal like packaging, aluminum is my guess. It’s just so light. Passion is described as a vibrant yet sheer rouge shade. That day there wasn’t much shade to choose from, and I just wanted something more red.

The balm feels really good when applied. So smooth and moisturizing. It just feels great on the lips. But applying it has to be my fav.

Then I think my baby lips kind of have the same smoothness when apply, that’s why I like them. So I switch around. Even my Korres lip butter sometimes give me the same smoothness feel during application. But I do realize the packaging is what makes Sugar so much better. Sugar is more luxurious to use. It is not cheap plastic feel, so you feel like you are putting on a high end product, which I guess kind of justify for the cost.


fresh roseThen when I receive this 2.2g of mini in Rose (a rosy tint), I am so happy. It’s a pretty shade, less noticeable on my lips. But apparently this melts faster than the original size, that’s why the picture is quite pigmented. I mean I slathered it on.

Since it is smaller, it doesn’t apply quite as nice. Why? It is just too small. So I focus less on the packing and more on the product.

What I conclude is that it really doesn’t matter what the packaging is. The balm is really fantastic. It is just so nice to apply. I mean so far it has to be my fav lip balm (ignoring the price). I always thought its packaging helps. End up the balm is just that awesome and even of its in plastic container, it will be just as great.

So smooth and luxurious. Moisturizing without appearing heavy. It sits comfortably on the lips. I love the tints. I love the bit of shine it gives. I love the SPF.
The cons, obviously is the price and the fact that it is so soft that it melts so easily. So I have not taking it out of my room. Even so the Rose one melts. It is just not something you can bring out in your purse. So that’s a big downside.

Yes I will repurchase. I want all of them but I’m still searching for the cheapest way to buy them.

The less luxurious dupe will be Maybelline baby lips color in Berry Crush.