First Impression: Gatineau Intesive Treatment for Eye Area

This is one of the nicest eye mask I’d ever try. It’s very cooling and it’s not a big mask. It has 5% collagen, making it very wet but it’s not messy to use. At least the essence doesn’t drip. What I like about this is just it’s cooling and very relaxing. It made you feel really sleepy. Like the mask it’s heavy, so you really just feel like doing nothing. 

By the way they said you are not suppose to use eye cream or mask so close to your eyes, like I had on here. With cream it spread, so too close will make the product go to your eye which is bad. But with mask is it the same case? I always have the problem of wanting to use the mask as close to the eye as possible. I guess it’s bad. 


Gatineau melatogenine pure


This is a focus anti-wrinkle treatment.

I really like the container. The brush is like a nail polish brush. So, basically you just apply it with your brush to areas that wrinkles usually form. It is not as hygienic as those that need to be used with external brush or your own hand. But it is convenient.

A bit too strong for my liking. I guess I am too young to use this product. Maybe in a few years.