Shampoo, tried & tested 2

aqua shampooAqua Acid Shampoo is in a huge bottle and takes forever to finish. It’s good if you are on a budget. The shampoo itself is nice. It lathers well and if you leave it on longer it’s quite minty. It is ok, but leaves my hair oily if I use twice in a row. So I will just use it once in awhile. It’s just nice to break away and wash your hair with a different kind of shampoo.

herbal essencesThere will always be Herbal Essences in my shower. My sister use this and it’s the Smooth Lovin’. It smells great just as with all Herbal Essences. But again it leaves my hair oily. I cant even use this for a day.

Gatsby Perfect Clear Shampoo
Gatsby Perfect Clear Shampoo is just a clarifying. It has the green apple scent which is nice. It’s great at getting product off hair, like wax or those crisp sprayed hair. I will only use it for that purpose. It’s more for people who use wax on daily basis.

beauaBeaua Essential Oil Fragrance Shampoo is quite nice. It’s a clear shampoo that’s smells of something of a light mint. The shampoo lather on nicely and I don’t need conditioner for this. I find that my hair is smooth enough. Only after the shower when my hair is drying then it gets kind of tangled. Not bad but not smooth either. I use this once a week to change my shampoo pattern.


Cleanser: foam, gel and scrub

I’ve tried plenty of facial wash, and none seem to suit me as much as my Beautain. It is not the best, but it gives me the best feeling. As long as it feels nice, I got no complain. So I was saying I tried plenty of cleanser or facial wash and this post is going to be a review on those that can be found in my bathroom right now.

acnes cresson za foaming gel

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Gatsby oil control film

Gatsby oil control

gatsby oil control
So I have here 2 Gatsby oil control film. One is oil clear sheet and another is powdered oil clear paper. As you can see the difference is that one is powdered. I personally like the powdered one better as it can be use as a touch up. The oil clear one is basically just like the clean and clear one except its black in color. No major difference between the two.

The packaging of the two Gatsby one is rather different. Again I like the powdered one better. So I probably will just buy the powdered one when I ran out. I feel more refresh and clean using that. Well, cause you’ll be powdered and new again.