GC Long Wear Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick

I love this. The shade is prefect. It doesn’t crack on me. It’s not overly drying. It leaves a slight stain. It transfer only a bit. So I love it. 

This is in the shade Serenity. And it is a good mauve nuetral shade that suits me very well. It’s a nude but with colour. I guess I suit mauve family tone the best. Cause every mauve shades I love. And this liquid lipstick is comfortable on the lips. It is indeed long wearing just as long wearing as any lipstick could be. 

Doe foot applicator generally is good for applying lip product. It’s normal, so nothing special. The colour is pigmented so application is easy. Just one swipe and you covers the lips. It coats the lips nicely but a second swipe makes it more full. And the tip of the applicator is able to get into the corner and sharp edges. 

I like the packaging also. It’s a frosted glass like with gold cap. So pretty to bring around. I don’t know but I think I have a thing for frosted packaging.  


Gerard Cosmetics Star Powder

Marilyn is such a pretty golden shade. It’s shimmery. It’s light. It’s very subtle. Very pretty on the cheeks. It will give a very nice sheen. It’s pigmented, soft but not crumbly.

It reminds me of Mary-Lou Manizer, but theBalm is so much more pigmented. Only when you sheer it out, then the shade is quite similar in the dark. But Marilyn is much more deeper gold. Mary-Lou is very smooth to the touch unlike this. So this is better for people who don’t really want so much highlight. 

The case is a mirror reflection golden plastic. Looks cool from afar but when you hold it, it’s actually quite sturdy. For a plastic, it’s not bad. I also like that it has a clear plastic cover that seperate the pigments from the mirror. The compact itself is a good size, so it’s good to use. 

Really nothing much to say. 

Gerard Cosmetics 1995 

After seeing this golden bullet on so many youtuber table, I really want to get my hand on one. I choose one of their more popular shade – 1995. It’s a brownish shade, made famous again by Jenner. I really like it. It’s bold. Not so red, but still in your face kind. It’s very pretty. One swipe is a bit sheer. It gives the colour but no kick. So two swipe is good. 

It’s a solid lipstick. So it’s very hard and won’t melt easily. But it glides on easily. I like it. Seems to suit me. But I don’t know I guess it really do depend on my mood. 

Updated: just after I wrote this and schedule it, the lipstick broke. So much for it being a hard lipstick. Oh well, had to melt it down and stick it back again.