First Impression: Ginvera nutri white marvel gel

You have to apply this dry. So it is more of a peeling gel.
As far as a peeling gel goes, it’s alright. I don’t see much a different than the others I tried. It doesn’t exactly renew my skin, but it just feels like it does cause at that point you kind of see residue, so it feels satisfying. But you still have to wash your face with a cleanser as the direction stated. I don’t like that extra step taken to clean my face. And you really have to use it daily to see the result. Not my kind of product.


What’s in my shower?

Today I’ll be sharing the things I have been using in the shower this past month. So these are the products.

1. Estée Lauder Soft Clean Moisture Rich Foaming Cleanser
I like this for removing my makeup, well face makeup. It has a nice florally scent and therefore it can stink your eyes. So I don’t use this to remove eye makeup. It lathers on really well and seems to do quite well in removing most of the foundation on my face. However I wouldn’t be buying this again as I prefer an all-in-one product.

2. Clean & Clear Active Clear Acne Clearing Cleanser
This is just a so-so cleanser in my opinion. It cleans alright, but doesn’t benefit me in anyway.

3. Klorane with Quinine and B vitamins
A revitalizing and strengthening shampoo for thinning hair. I have not had the chance to really buy a proper shampoo. This conveniently appeared in the shower, so I used it. This doesn’t lather easily which I don’t like. It makes my hair shiny in a good way, looks healthy and more volumizing which is great. But at the end of the day, it will be oily. It is also doesn’t seems to help with hair drop. So that’s disappointing.

4. TBS Satsuma Shower Gel
Oranges! While I don’t really like orange, this just smell so wonderful. Like all fruity series of TBS, it lingers on the skin after the shower. It refreshes and motivates me for the day ahead. I love it.

5. Ginvera Real Spa Lavender Shower Scrub
This is nice. Its a relaxing & calming shower scrub to relax stress and renew skin. The lavender scent is not too strong, the scrub is not harsh. And it’s a huge bottle, so it’s a value for money product. As a scrub it doesn’t seems to remove any dead skin. So I just use this as a normal soap and not a scrub.

So that’s it. I am sure it will change soon, especially the shower gel as it is only the travel size. Oh I have one more item and that is conditioner. I am using Sunsilk which I have reviewed here. So ya, do you guys always change product, or keep sticking to the same old thing?

First Impression: Ginvera green tea day cream and night cream

The day moisturizer is rather light and not greasy. It blends rather easily even though it’s not watery. It has a slight dewy finish.

Night moisturizer is light but make my face very hydrated. It has a dewy finish. Well more of a dewy. Almost oily, but barely. I was sleeping in an air condition room for the whole night. In the morning my face is surprisingly not oily. It seems that the moisture is being absorb or taken away. So in the end, I wake up with a nice face. Not bad at all. I just don’t know if I don’t use air con, will I wake up with a nice face or will it be on the oily side.

Both moisturizers are cooling upon application. It’s refreshing. Wouldn’t bother with buying them, but I don’t mind more samples to bring for overseas use.