GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment

I prefer the original. I feel that it works much better on my skin and I will really see a difference after using once. For this though, it just makes my face feel dry and red. I guess it’s too strong for me. 

The first time I use this, it just irritate my skin. But I have spots, so maybe that’s why. So I preserve. Then after awhile, it just neutralize. So it doesn’t hurt anymore. Once in awhile, when applying this, it still hurt. But most of the time it’s fine. 

This has very little leaves in it, but you can get some on your skin. This is basically just a mud mask which will dry into a lighter grey clay like material. It really is a clearing mask. It just suppose to clear the impurities on your face. But it’s not for anyone with sensitive skin. This is just too strong. So yea. I know I have a few things to say, but my brain is just so blank right now. But ya, I prefer the original. 


GlamGlow Powermud Dual Cleanse Mask Treatment

GlamGlow Powermud! Just had to try it. This is cool cause after using it as a mask, you can wet it and it will be a cleanser. 

This has a very sweet scent. It is your light, and will spread out easily. So it’s an ease to apply. I will just apply them in a thin even layer. It doesn’t tingle, but it will heat up in certain area. I don’t know what it is. But it will sort of work on your skin. Like it will, ok it will tingle, but not as painful as the original. This also dry quite fast. They say to leave on for 5-10 minutes. And yes it will dry within that period. 


GlamGlow Youthmud

I’ve been wanting this mask forever and I took the opportunity to buy it at 10% discount on Now, they actually sell it at Sephora for $98 I think. I got the pink one which is the same as the black container but the pink one is for the breast cancer thingy.
I really like the box, I mean it’s pink what else do I need to say? Anyway there’s a lot of review on the mask and I can tell you honestly that I don’t think it’s worth the $100. It’s good but for $98 I just think it’s a bit much.

The first time I used it, it really gives me a glow. It was amazing. The tingle was not painful in fact I welcome it. It just feel so refreshing on the skin. It’s pampering. I guess with the price tag you kind of want that, expected it too.
So I tried them three ways. Put on quite thick, average and sparingly; I see no difference in all 3. So you really just need a little. Smooth over all your face and just wait for the mask to dry. Then instead of rinsing it off at one go, I like to wet my hands and bring it my face. The harden mask will get moist, then I will use it as a scrub. So it’s a two in one product for me.
Plus it’s a huge bottle after all even though it doesn’t seems like it. So you can actually get your money worth.

For me only that first day I see a major difference. Other days, it just feels good. I also like that my nose feels less “bumpy”, less “grainy”. It looks nicer when I apply foundation, it gave me a smoother finish. I guess applying it gave me a smoother face.

I am weighing the advantages with the price tag cause I don’t see any disadvantage. I wouldn’t purchase it on my again, but I do want to try the white bottle one. I feel that there are many clay mask which do the same job with a lesser price. So get it when it’s on sale or when you can get samples.