Guerlain Eyeshadow – Fard Metal

Now I see more brands come out with this kind of eyeshadow. But Guerlain one has been out for a long time. It’s a loose powder with a sponge applicator. It’s small and compact. The idea of this is good. I like that it’s so pigmented. I guess cause it’s powder pigments, so you just pack it in. Fard Metal is a bronze taupe with glitter. It’s quite gritty, so that’s the thing I don’t like about it. The texture is not nice. But it’s a nice colour. Can be use to smoke out the eyes. I like it enough for the convinience. Plus as long as you don’t tip over the bottle, there’s not much any fallout. So ya, not bad. 


Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire EdT

Fresh Floral. Fresh, delicate, swirling. In the first wink, a bouquet of rose, jasmine and orange blossom takes flight to a delicate melody. The second twirl takes place as cherry, apple and blackcurrant enter the stage, refreshed by explosive green notes. Finally, white amber temptations are revealed and a cloud of white musks envelops the ensemble in a cosy halo.

This is EdT which is nice cause it’s not so heavy. Even after 6 hours, the scent still lingers on my skin. Not as strong, and differ from the first scent that come out from the tube. I like the after scent more. It’s more light. Not musky not floral. Just light. 

I really do not like posting about fragrance cause I don’t know what to say, how to describe. I guess I can only say whether I like it or not. I do like it. I feel it’s good for those who want a something stronger but afraid of the power. So this is quite light yet it’s slightly powerful. 

I wouldn’t buy it exactly. But I think it’s nice to have the samples around. For a fancier lunch. Yah this suits those nice lunch at fancy hotel but you don’t want to be the centre of attention. 

Guerlain Powder Brush

Not sure where I got this from. I hardly use this as I don’t want the pink to be tainted. Such a silly notion, but it’s pretty. Then I stained the handle by putting it in a container with blue sands. The sand taint it. So I started using using cause it’s no longer as precious. Am I the only one who is like this? 

Anyway the brush is not the softest but it is fluffy. It picks up the right amount of pigment. I guess this is to be use for the Meteorites. So it really good for super pigmented blush or shiny powder that is meant for highlighting the whole face. Cause this is a small brush but more suitable for face or maybe cheek. So while we always look for the softest brush or the most pigmented blusher, I think sometimes it’s good to have not so soft brush or less pigmented blush. 

Summer Travels Makeup Product

So I went for a few mini vacations this summer. Mostly to places where the sun is scorching hot. In other words, places like Singapore. I couldn’t be bothered with makeup, but I just brought along a few things.

I got this makeup bag for free with purchase of theBalm products.

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Guerlain meteorites in mythic 01

A bunch of colorful pearls. Really pretty to see. Swipe a bit with your hand, it comes on powdery. Pretty thick too. So just use a face brush, twirl a bit, shake excess and pat onto face.

It has a pretty shimmer finish, which can be not ideal for daily use. It has tiny speck of sparkles that reflects light.

It smells nice really. Which is weird. But I do like things that smell nice. So it isn’t bad.

Guerlain voyage powder


I love the powder case. The product that automatically come out from the puff. Hardly see this casing anywhere. I wanted to buy just the case, but I can never find it anywhere. And this came in a set, but I was just given this powder.

The powder is in shimmer. Well for my oily face, it is not good. But just using it lightly will make my face glow. Actually the shimmer is barely. It is nice. I got one in Mythic 01. The color is too light for my skin actually. Pink pearl with tiny gold freckles.

The puff is soft and really nice. The downside is that it cannot be clean. I guess that’s why it is hardly found. Plus it is easily torn. So it is sad for me.