A mini cleanser review

Pond’s Skin Mattifying Facial Foam for oil control. This has micro beads even though it is not stated on the packaging. I guess you could look pass that as it’s just barely noticeable. The face wash itself is ok, a bit stripping after the rinse but wasn’t as extreme as the other Pond’s cleanser I tried. It is cheap and does help with oil control. It’s just that when you wash your face, it doesn’t feel as fancyful as others. Cause I guess it’s inexpensive so it just have that thought with you.

Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Wash. It doesn’t foam up even though I feel like it should. It doesn’t strip off moisture from my face, so that’s nice. But it breaks me out just like the toner. So I guess there is something in the ingredient that I can’t use, but I’m just too lazy to check.

Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash is something I don’t like at all. It doesn’t do its job. It doesn’t clean. I don’t feel clean using this. Even though I use a lot of it, but it like just slide of my face without doing anything.


My 15 Minute Routine

Future me will probably want recollection on how now me do my makeup for Uni on most days. Especially for 8.30 class, as I am just not a morning person. So, after snoozing the alarm button for the eleventh time, I panic and wake up. I then brush my teeth and get into the shower.
So in my own room, the first thing I do is to put toner like the one from Hada Labo with a cotton pad. I like it and it doesn’t break me up, so that’s good. I pat my face hoping it will dry faster. Then I use a moisturizer with SPF. I won’t use serum or sunscreen cause I ain’t got the time. Oilum Hydro-Rebalance Collagen Revitalizing Lotion is formulated by Dermatologist. It is a hydrating moisturizer to rebalance skin’s moisture and firmness as well as protecting skin against environment irritants. It’s an ok moisturizer better use on dryer skin. It gets oily for me if I don’t use anything else. I don’t really like the scent but it kind of grew on me. The thing I like about this is the double UV filter.

So after moisturizer, I sit on my bed and decide what I am going to wear if I haven’t already decided the night before. I wait about 3-5 minutes until my moisturizer dry. By then I probably already pick my outfit. If I haven’t, I will be late.
bb cream
I then put on this Maybelline Clear Smooth BB White. I love this bb cream and I did a post of it here, but this the SPF50 while the former was only SPF26. Without sunscreen, I need the high SPF. It is also sheer, not thick, so kind of balance out the moisturizer. If the weather is not so hot, this will be too dark for me.

Then while that dry, I dress up. Follow by combing my hair.
clear smooth
I don’t really bother with concealer. I just use the Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Face Powder in natural to set the bb cream. They both work great together. This is a repurchase, cause I like it that much.

I will then quickly draw on my eyebrows. I use to not able to leave the house without mascara but now I know I can’t leave the house without my brows done. I just look so naked plain.

Then I use mascara, but I don’t curl them lashes. I kind just hope the mascara is good. As long as it doesn’t smudge, it’s good enough for me. In the morning, I don’t have much standard.

If I have time, I put on blush like the MUA Mosaic Blush. It’s light and doesn’t show up as much. I feel that it’s unlikely I will screw up by having bright cheek. So this blush is perfect. On normal circumstances I don’t really like it. It’s coarse and doesn’t show. I feel like its more of a highlighter than a blush. They say the blush is suppose to be a universal blush and works for every skin or something, but I don’t see the magic of it.

clinique balm
I will lastly use Clinique Chubby Stick in Super Strawberry. This is just a moisturizing colored balm. The balm is quite sheer, but it’s kind of a berry pink tone, so it’s actually quite subtle on the lips. It is not hard to put on, most of the time I’ll use it when I’m waiting for the lift. It feels nice on the lips, really moisturizing. I also like the fact that it hides away my chapped lips on those days.

So that’s all

Hada Labo cleansing oil with high purity olive oil

Another sample from Hada Labo. I like them as a brand. For giving little samples now and again, it’s really nice.
Simple, superior cleansing.
No fragrance, color, mineral oil, alcohol.

It’s a make up remover, and I use this in the shower. This feels really nice and after, I just feel that I do not need to actually wash my face. Cause I feel that clean.

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Hada Labo super hyaluronic acid hydrating lotion

This is super popular among Asians. It is the no. 1 face lotion in Japan. It states that in every 4 seconds, 1 bottle is being sold. It must be awesome huh?
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