Hee Enternity Hydro-Gel Mask

This is so unique. The mask is is like a jelly. So different from the usual sheet masks. Furthermore it is separated into 2. So you apply the top half then put on the bottom half which cover your mouth area. It is good this way as it can be adjustable. It is just better to suit the different face shape.
So this is a 24k gold and Syn-Ake mask which basically helps to keep the skin texture smooth. I guess since it is a hydro gel it is also helps to keep your skin hydrated. It is made in Korea. And I like how the packaging is so simplistic. Smells really good too. Not sure what it is, but it’s nice. Nothing spa like or florally. But that’s just the essence cause you can’t smell it when it is on your face.
Yah, I really like the mask. It’s just so jelly and fun. Also not as messy as the essence is not overflowing. The mask also has the pattern like snake skin. Cause of this all, it just makes me happy applying this mask. I just kept grabbing at it.
The result, I don’t see anything. Just that my face is happier. Cause I feel good. Skin smoothness is not as smooth as other masks I tried. I don’t know how much this cost or where you can buy it. I forgot where I got this from. But I think is from a few beauty boxes.
I probably will not repurchase, but it’s a fun mask. I wish more masks has this kind of texture.