First Impression: H&M Charcoal and Pumice Mask

This is an exfoliating mask for tired skin. Basically the pumice grains will gently buff away the dead skin cell leaving skin smooth to the touch. And to use this, you wash your face and leave it wet. Then gently massage the mask onto face and neck. Leave on for about 10-15 minutes and rinse with warm water. 
This doesn’t smell as good. I seriously didn’t really scrub away the dead skin. I just leave my face wet and apply the mask. But I did scrub it after when I wash the mask off. My skin do feels very smooth. I like it. But I probably wouldn’t buy this again. For $2.90, you can share with a friend as it’s quite a lot for one person. So it’s not that bad. It’s just the scent I don’t really like it. Even though I do look less tired, I prefer purifying masks. 


First Impression: H&M Charcoal and Volcanic Soil Mask

It was great to finally see H&M makeup range in Sg. I only bought some masks cause they’re the only ones that intrigue me. I guess it’s cause they are quite cute, the whole display of the pods. Each mask is $2.90 for 10ml, which is an average price. I actually think you can share a pod. Cause usually when you buy a mask it will be 50ml, but it doesn’t mean you only use it 5 times. This is not resealable though, so it’s just for one use.

I actually wanted to try them all and do a comparison for all the different masks. But there were just too many of them. I will eventually try most of them I guess. But for now, I got the mask for pore cleaning which is suitable for blemish skin. It’s a thick mask, but spread easily. I used them up onto my face and neck. Not a thin coat, but a full on coverage. It says to massage in and leave on for 10-15 minutes. The masks will tighten slightly but not enough to crack and peel off. You can rub it off, but it says to wash off with warm water. It feels nice on the face with slight tingling around the area which I have spots on.

After 15 minutes or so, I washed off my face with tap water. It’s actually quite easy to remove. A little swirl with your hands and the mask came off.

It’s actually quite good in cleansing the face. My face felt soft and smooth. And my face looked really clean. At first, I wasn’t paying attention what this mask is for other than it’s for acne prone skin. So when I saw the pore cleansing, the realization finally sank in. No wonder, my face became so clean. I said clean a lot, but this mask is not bad at all.

I don’t love it enough to need this in my life. But if this is on sale, I wouldn’t mind buying more.

Summer Travels Makeup Product

So I went for a few mini vacations this summer. Mostly to places where the sun is scorching hot. In other words, places like Singapore. I couldn’t be bothered with makeup, but I just brought along a few things.

I got this makeup bag for free with purchase of theBalm products.

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Lip balm smooth chocolate


This is vaseline with a hint of chocolate.

So it makes it nicer than vaseline, unless you do not like the smell of artificial chocolate. It is clear and acts the same like any normal lip balm. Maybe a bit more moisturizing as it is after all like vaseline. Just that this is really soft.

H&M eyeshadow

Glittery. Grey. Silver.

Nice packaging. The shadow brush tip is covering the opening. It is easy to use. Like all free particles, it will fall out. So, you have to put it carefully. I hardly use this. But its nice. Nice color. Glittery enough. Good for night time. Reasonable price but I doubt they sell it anymore.

Glitter eyeliner


It’s gold.

It’s glittery.

It’s eyeliner that makes your eyes go pop!

Great for party.

Sometimes it is just not to strong, as the glitter is not too dense. But it sure do add a little sparkle in your eyes.

H&M bronzing powder


Gives my cheek the brown coloring it need. So brown that people thought there was dirt on my face.

I have not master the use of bronzer yet. But with just a light dust onto my face, it already gives me the brown shade, so I guess it is pigmented. Too strong in fact. That beginners like me should find a lighter bronzer to practice on.