Huda Beauty The Nude Collection Liquid Matte

Decided to get this when heard people say that Huda Beauty has one of the best liquid lipstick out there. It dries down matte pretty fast. Really pigmented and the wand is nice. I decided to get the nude collection, cause I’m just safe that way. So the mini is really nice, cost me about £27.50 minus tax. It just nice applying this. It feels good. One coat is all you need. However, this feels kind of tacky on the lips. It’s slightly sticky, so that doesn’t feel drying. Rubbing your lips together is not a nice feeling. But I still enjoy applying this on. So, 4 different nude shade for every skin tone/ occasion. 

Venus is a nude nude. It’s slightly warm, but looks good on. It’s a kind of colour, you will pick out in a crayon if you want a colour in a tan shade. I like it enough, cause usually this kind of shade can wash me out, surprisingly this doesn’t. 

Trendsetter is slightly in the brick nude. It is more earthy, more red undertone. you cant really see the red, but it’s there underneath. On the lips, it is just brown. The oil in the tube easily separated for this one, but nothing that could be fix. It looks natural on me. 

Flirt is a deep brown nude. It is so dark when swatched. Like a tree trunk kind of brown. In my lips, has a slight greyish vibe. But still looks quite alright. With this, makeup is needed, if not I’ll look quite dead. 

Bombshell is a nude with a pink undertone. It is the kind of shade that I usually pick up. This is just more nude on the lips. It’s nice. I like it. Usually those I tried is either too nude or too pink. This just strike a nice balance in between. 

Overall, I like all of these shades. In their own way, they are different than the ones I already have. I can look at my collection closer, but it is just different on the lips. The best part about this is probably the packaging. It’s a frosty glass like tube that makes it super fancy. Applying this is wonderful. While Colour Pop is way cheaper, it just doesn’t feel luxurious as Huda. I really think it’s the packaging. Or maybe the fact that Huda’s are more oily so it feels nicer. 

I wouldn’t buy them again or the other shades unless there is really a shade that is very unique. For the price, there are others out there that is much better. And I think a matte lipstick is probably more fun to own. But if I didn’t have this set, I would always wonder about it. So no regret. Well, of course not, after all, I do enjoy using them.