IOPE Air Cushion Blusher 

I want to try IOPE BB Cushion. But I still have my Laneige BB Cushion. So when I see this, I just grab it. I am not a big face person but when it come to makeup like lipstick, blush, mascara, etc, I can buy multiples. So this is just a cushion blush in the shade 01 and has a SPF of 30. A light pink, it’s very sheer and gives a glow to the cheek. 

I like the casing, albeit a bit bulky, but it look like it’s made of glass. It’s actually just a muted plastic. Drop it a few time and it doesn’t break. So it’s quite sturdy. Overall I like it ok. It’s just too sheer and “glowly” for my liking. But it’s a fun product.