It Cosmetics No Tug Waterproof Anti-aging Gel Eyeliner

Not sure if my eyes are sensitive or this liner doesn’t work on me. It watered my eyes. The few times I used this, it just doesn’t work. It’s a Super matte black eyeliner which is really nice. Retractable with a soft sharpener at the end of the pencil to point the tip of the liner. So it’s really a good liner to have around with you all the time. Plus this gives a little time to smudge it around before setting down without any smudge. It also has no tug, which is good for the eye area. But I just can’t wear this without watery eyes after. 


It Superhero Mascara

A travelsize super volume mascara. I like this. It’s not waterproof but it doesn’t smudge. It is easy to remove with a simple makeup wipe. It slightly curl the lashes. It is black, so darken the lashes making them slightly more prominent. But it’s not overly dramatic which is how I like it. I don’t see how this lengthen the lashes, but I guess if your lashes are short, this mascara can be considered as such. But for normal length lashes, it don’t show up extra. So ya, it’s good for daily, and can be worn for a night out too. 

It Cosmetics Brow Power

This is a nice brow pencil. It’s a small traveling size one. The pencil an over shape, kind of waxy but managed to swatched on the back of the hand. On the brows, it looks good. It’s natural and fit me. This is in universal taupe, the colour is more brown than grey, but on the brow, it just blend in very well. It’s also long lasting. I have been into brow powder, but it’s troublesome to bring it for traveling or in my my bag. So sometime a pencil will work better. So this is the pencil I would recommend. This is probably my fav brow pencil for now. 

IT Cosmetics CC+

Yay to free stuff! Heard so much good thing about this, so I just have to try this. I got the shade medium. It’s quite a good match on me. It’s not exactly a full coverage cc cream, but it helps brighten the face a bit. I still have to use concealers on my undereye and big spots. If not, don’t need to really use concealer. 

It’s still thick on me I feel. On my face, it will turn quite oily eventually. But it’s alright. To me it’s nothing amazing. I don’t really understand why people say it is. But despite it all, it feels light on the skin. So yah, I wouldn’t repurchase, but I’m glad to have the sample to try. 

Bye Bye Under Eye Corrector Concentrate Cream

I got the shade medium and I bought this at $48 from Sephora. Quite pricy, but I heard this is quite good. The reason I wanted this cause if you buy two It Cosmetics item, you get the free bundle which consist of the mascara and the bye bye under eye concealer. So instead of getting the concealer I got the corrector instead. 

It’s really good. It’s a peachy shade that is perfect at covering under eye dark circles. It’s so good that I’ve been using this almost everyday since the day I got it. I just love how it really covers and brighten up my face. The bad thing is that it doesn’t last as long as I would like it to be. I guess I should probably add on a concealer on top. But really this covers so nicely I don’t feel the need to add on. 

So I give this a 80% rating cause of the fact It doesn’t last as long. But for $48 and only 5ml, I gladly repurchase.