Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact

This is just so pretty. I kept seeing it, and I finally cave and bought it when flying back home on SQ. It cost me $59 and I was attracted to the neon but soft colours of the blush. This is in the shade 110 Harmonious Melody. I like that packaging is just so fun and girly and the blushes is pretty with 4 shades and the connecting travel size brush is an added bonus. 

The brush can be detached from the blush. It’s a slightly dense brush, soft but doesn’t feel as fluffy. On the cheek though, it felt quit nice. It’s smooth and firm yet gentle. It’s also very pleasing on the skin as compare when you touch it across with you fingers. Quite strange actually. The brush also has a very cute pink jewel that can be push up and hooked to the right to secure it. But sometimes, it can come undone. So that is the only problem I have with the tool. 

The blush is pigmented. Pretty and each shade different from each other. There is white highlight, a light sunshine orange, a mandarin orange and a hotter light pink shades. Swirl together and it gives a nice pinkish orange. But it always ruin the white shade as it’s the lightest and can easily be seen. The orange and pink will just leave a mark. So it’s very sad too see. What I like to do is tap the blush with a brush to get the pigments. Not so sensible but it sort of work. They recommend to swirl it in anti-clockwise motion from the top left shade. 

I guess if I’m not so attached to this, I will be able to use this in a more proper heck care way. Oh well. 

On the cheeks, it’s very nice. It’s brightening on the face. As I said it’s a pretty blush. And just gives a very rosy finish. And using the brush it comes with is actually one of the best way to use this.