Lock-it Concealer

I got the colour medium warm which seems to be rather light on me. But for under the eyes, the shade is actually good. It’s slightly yellow, brightening, quite pigmented but not cakey. It’s a good colour. The wand is quite big, but it grab so little product. So it sort of force me to use little concealer. If I want a proper full face makeup, I will have to dip the wand again for the other side of my face. 

Most of the time, I only used whatever amount was on the wand. It’s such a full coverage that the little amount is enough. I don’t love it, but it’s good enough for me. 

For $40, I don’t think I will repurchase. 


Kay Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick – Lolita

There’s a few shades I want to try, but cause I’m not sure if I will like the consistency of this, I just want to try the original. I was thinking of getting Lolita 2 also, but Lolita is still the original. 

The pigmentation is awesome. It goes on shiny and will turn matte after a short while. The shade is just gorgeous. It’s a darker mauve on my lips. Slightly on the brown side. It last forever. But it transfer easily though. I was hoping that this will stay put on the lips. So it will leave a mark on the straw or the cup. But nonetheless, it’s just so comfortable on the lips. You always forget you have something on your lips. 

I would have love it a whole more if it doesn’t transfer. But yes, get this. It’s so worth the money. I love it.