Korres Pomegranate Moisturising & Balancing Cream Gel

I’ve been using this about a month now. I’m only 1/4 through. I only use this in the morning, and I don’t use a lot of it. It’s quite alright as long as I use a setting powder, my face doesn’t really turn oily. Even though this is meant to be for oily skin. So a little is all you need. I find that it hydrates my skin well enough, but it’s not really as good as other moisturiser I’ve tried. Cause this is a thicker cream. Therefore, it takes longer for this to sink into the skin. Since I used do little to spread it around the face, this doesn’t take that long to sink in. So it’s quite ok for the morning. 

I would prefer a lighter, runnier moisturiser as its easier to spread out for the morning rush. But I have no complain. Plus I manage to use this for a long time. So it’s good enough for me. Just not a favourite I guess. I think this will be better for night time, but I just don’t like the jar form. Don’t really fancy dipping my fingers into it. So yeah, it’s just a morning thing. 


Korres Soft Touch Lip Pen in Dark Purple

Yay to fall! Still so sunny in Singapore though. I love wearing darker lips, but only in the evenings. I feel weird using them when the sun is still so bright.
This is a really dark vampy lip color. Really cool on the lips. Dark, sexy, mysterious. I really like it but I’m also quite self conscious wearing this. The good thing though is that it is so dark, that it looks more of a deep burgundy red on the first look. If you look longer than you’ll see that it’s actually a dark purple. Really cool. It is not just a boring dark berry shade. So love the color.

The formula is smooth and creamy. Even it does have a little sparkle in the color, it barely is noticeable. It just makes the color shine. Only problem is that it is messy to apply. So a lip liner is a must.

You can also just use a little and use your finger to smooth over the color and left it just like a stain. It’s just so pretty. A purple stain on the lips. It just doesn’t help to brighten up the face though, it is more of a color to tone down the look on the face.

Pomegranate Lip Butter

Lots of good review on this, just had to try it. It is alright. A bit thin for my liking. I also do not like the pot container. It’s so messy. I guess cause its colored, so the lip balm kind of just dirtied your finger and nails. It will be better if it is just a no color one, but since I got one in pomegranate so that’s a hint of red. The texture is a bit unique. It’s like a jelly, a hard one. But usually those jelly kind of bounce back. This one feels like it does, but it actually pushes down.
I need to dip my fingers into the pot a few times to really cover my lips. It feels nice on the lips once it covered enough, but it doesn’t leave your lips moisturize in the long run. So it’s quite disappointing and so many people actually rave about it. Hmph! The color also doesn’t last very long on the lips and the color is only nice thing about this. The scent too, I guess. Smell likes the candy Sugus.
See, with two coats then it looks like its moisturizing enough, but it’s still quite sheer and my chapped lips are quite obvious. Plus the color doesn’t smooth out as well.
Will repurchase? Nope
In other color? Maybe in Guava.

Korres Lip Butter Stick

The only nice thing about this is that it has SPF15. I love my lip balm and as this is a lip butter, it is suppose to be more moisturizing. The color is also tools here for me. It just doesn’t flatter my lips. It has a light tint of orange but it doesn’t perk me up. It is good as a neutral shade I guess, but I usually wear tinted lip balm cause I want some color on my face.
The thing is, the more I use this the better it gets. I guess cause I am getting used to it. Still not a fan of the color, but the formula I can get used too. It is quite smooth, easy too apply. Bigger than the normal Chapstick, so it is nicer going over the lips. But it can get messy especially if your lips are smaller. Overall, it is ok. I don’t love it, but since I have it, I’ll keep using it.

Will repurchase? No.
In other color? No.

First Impression: Korres day cream

I rather like this day cream. It’s very watery yet creamy. It absorbed really well onto the skin and surprisingly gave a rather matte finish. More like half matte. Wasn’t a bad moisturizer. Especially it came with its own SPF. I like that’s its for wrinkles too. But only a sample, can’t see it’s effectiveness.