Glazed Lip Paint

This is in the shade GLG788 Elude. It’s a milky pink. It’s a nice sweet colour. It will be perfect for anyone wanting that baby face girly look. 

People compare this to the Too Faced Melted which I can understand why. The formula, the creaminess, the texture and finish is similar. It’s just the packaging that is different. Too Faced has a sponge so it control the amount of product that ooze out. This one is like a balm, so it can gets really messy. Plus it’s not that nice when directly apply on the lips. I got this for about $7.60 on sale. Therefore the price is good. No complain really, especially if using a lip brush to apply this. 


LA girl eyeliner


See the color. Spectra blue! I bought it for $5, and its easy to apply. I always thought a little color never hurt anyone. So I got this, but nowadays I just stay neutral with my eye make up, so this baby has been left on the counter for a good while now.

What so great about it other than the price tag? (I do realize things in Singapore are not cheap. In US you can get make up for a dollar)

The liner gives me an everyday look without looking boring.

It isn’t strong enough to pull off a night time make up, but for day its pretty alright.