La Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Transforming Cream

This is a tinted moisturiser. It’s a very light shade. So it’s super brightening on me. But after application, my face appear to be quite dull. It’s almost grey. I like that the application is smooth though. It has a scent just like all the la prairie product. I think it’s their signature scent. I’m not a big fan of it. So it’s quite unpleasant I feel. But it’s a nice moisturiser cause it makes my face feel smooth.


Anti-Aging Neck Cream

Well, this is quite unique. I never have or try a cream specially for my neck. I know you sort of have to care for your neck. Like moisturiser it, but I never like to bother much. Cause it’s quite painful to rub my neck area. Like I know you have to rub upwards not down. And I always don’t feel comfortable. So it’s the same with this. I just like the smell of this. Smells so good. And the first time I use it, it’s like it really firm up. Like it tingles with the tingling. It’s hard to explain, but there is something. I wouldn’t personally buy it again, but as sample is nice to have once in awhile.  

La Prairie Age Management Balancer

My aunt doesn’t like this so she gave me. If there is one thing I have a lot of at home is toner. She said this is the most expensive toner ever. Not sure about that as I don’t know how much this cost. This is 250ml though, so that’s a lot. Probably that factor in the cost.
I am not big on the smell. It just has a very strong artificial alcohol scent. I also feel that it is just a toner just like any other. I don’t really see how this helps my skin.
I have toner that I actually like using, which I really think is normal. But the point is I enjoy using it. This, I don’t really like using it. It does its job though. It helps to get rid of leftover residue so that’s good. Still, I don’t think it is worth the price. Have anyone use this?