La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo (+) Corrective Unclogging Care 

So I’ve tried using this to help me with my imperfect skin. Doesn’t really work. I used up one tube, and I was given another 2 used tube. They were my cousins as it doesn’t work on them too so they just gave it to me. It doesn’t really do much I feel. But now when I think really hard about it and reading people’s blogs on how some product will clog their pores and such, then I realized. Maybe this is it. This help me to prevent clog pores. 

This doesn’t help with my acne. But it does sort of help to prevent new ones from forming. So I don’t know, maybe with constant use, you will get to see the result. Like if you have a mark, it sort of help a bit. I’ll just keep using it. It is not oily and help a bit in term of moisturisation. So it’s fine. 


Thermal Spring Water

I learn that there is just so many product that is being produced in the same factories. So it’s just one generic product with the basic ingredient. And everyone else is a brand with or without additional ingredients. Then again, there is the better pacakaging, better branding, better everything. It’s hard to tell which product are the same unless you work for them or the factory. I’m not saying all products are like that, but I always wonder if I’m paying more for something I think it’s better. 

When it comes to facial mists, I have no idea if it’s all come from the same place. But I really don’t see a difference between them. But I do know that I prefer to use one than the other. Not sure why, maybe it is just my perspective. I don’t want to make a fool of myself saying I prefer this when those who know will laugh at me and say it’s the same product. Or I make a fool of myself when I say it’s the same when it’s not. 

La Roche-Posay mist, I don’t really reach for it more. I don’t know why. I seem to prefer the Avene one. I don’t use it to set my makeup, but more of a refresher. I use it when my face looks very powdery. The thing about sprays, is that I have to make sure my mascara is set. I am clearing my old mascara and most of them are non waterproof. I don’t know why I think it’s a good idea to buy them when I have oily lids and live in this kind of weather. So sprays are usually used to freshen myself. 

This is a fairly easy to use spray. The nozzle is fine but powerful. There is no need to use any strength to press it and the mists are a lot. It easily can make your whole face be wet. It doesn’t seem to sooth my skin, so that’s quite bad in my book. Then again my face is not so sensitive that I need to sooth it. It doesn’t feel as good using this as compare to other spray. I just don’t reach for this. 

La Roche-Posay Substiane [+] Fundamental Replenishing Anti-aging Care

This is to restore facial support, making skin regains comfort and radiance. It’s a rather thick moisturiser that’s not as easy to glide on the skin as I would like. But once blended out, it is quite a nice texture. It sinks into the skin quite fast. Skin feels smooth after. But I like it under air con room cause it just work. It is just better cause it is cold. In humid weather, this makes my skin looks oily. I guess cause it is rich, as anti aging product tend to be, that is why this is more suited for dry skin. But I mean, it is not bad for oily skin too. But it can just feel quite heavy that’s all.

Effaclar Mat Sebo-regulating Moisturiser

Cause I bought a lot, so I was given this free. I can’t believe I went to Paris and never buy anything from La Roche-Posay. So I am so glad I got this as a free sample. And now I regret not buying it.
It’s a gel like moisturizer that feels like a silicon face primer. So it’s really fun to put on. Plus it is anti-shine and anti-larger pores, so it really is just the perfect moisturiser for me. I really like it and it makes my face really smooth.

If you are like me and hate putting on primer, this is the moisturiser for you. Even not, it is still moisturizing. I guess this is targeted for those with oily skin. If you are heading to France, I suggest giving this a try. Even if you are not going to France, I’ll still say to give it a go. Not sure how those dry skin will handle it though.