Taut Collagen Mask

I am not sure if this is the same as the gold standard one. But I don’t enjoy using that at all. This one is good. It’s very hydrating and even though the mask is slightly big, it still fit my face. So I have no problem using this mask. It doesn’t feel pampering, but it gives a good feeling after. Like as if the mask did something to your skin, that kind of feeling. 

As compare to 3 years ago, either my skin has change or the mask is totally different in formulation. Either way, it’s good. 


First Impression: Taut Gold Standard Collagen Infusion Mask

Firming, hydrating and brightening.
$49.50 /5pcs a box
Recommended for even the most sensitive skin type.
Oh dear, I really do not like this mask. Firstly it is just too big for me. The fit is not right. Secondly, it says for sensitive skin but barely 30 seconds, my face hurts. It is like as if I have an open wound on my cheek. It just irritate my face. But since it says to put on for 10 minutes (the only mask that say below 15), so I 忍. I just hold on till times up.

It doesn’t fully dry out, so it is moisturizing, I give it that. Firming, I don’t feel it. Brightening? Yes my face looks whiter. So it is actually not bad. But, yes I don’t like it cause now my face itches. It is just so uncomfortable. I am going to wash my face now.

Updated: oh no, I have pimples all around cheeks. I’m utterly depress right now.