Laduree Cream Foundation 

I got a sample of the foundation in the shade 10 which is way too light for me. It is a light foundation. Rather creamy, watery but it’s quite pigmented. It has a nice finish. A bit on the powdery side. It is just not meant for oily skin though. Cause a couple hours wearing this, myskin turn greasy. So this is a no for an oily skin girl in a hot humid country. 


First Impression: Laduree Rose Body Milk

I’m not a big fan of rose scent but I find that I’ve been using and trying a lot of them. So far most of the scent are not too overpowering. They’re all rather subtle and nice. Laduree rose body milk has a strong scent but it’s very feminine. It’s those old school rose scent. It’s nice but I am not really a fan of it. The only reason I can stand it is that it’s just a very soft scent. 

The lotion is very watery and easy to apply; it’s nice. And the best thing is that it just sink into the skin very fast. 

Laduree Glossy Rouge – 04

This feels more like a balm upon application. It’s a very sheer pink. But go over a few times, a soft pink will appear. 

I love the packaging. It’s a light pink with really cute details. Too bad as once again it’s plastic. So it doesn’t have the luxury feel. 

The lipstick is also kind of drying. So I wouldn’t really recommend this. It’s just cute. But that’s about it. 

Les Merveilleuses Laduree Makeup Coffret 3

Not exactly the prettiest picture I want to showcase the brand, but this just have to do cause I’m just too excited and I want to share this ASAP. All the products are made in Japan, except for the makeup bag. But the bag is so soft. The pink paper that wrap the products are also very solid and it’s just good quality. But the products are made of plastic and rubber plastic kind, so they don’t feel expensive at all. I was hoping for better actually. Especially since they’re not cheap. But as a gift, I am overjoyed. As I been wanting to try this brand forever.

The tinted lipbalm is a nice shade of rosy pink. It looks more red actually. The balm is very solid. It’s quite hard to actually apply. I have to keep going over the balm. It just doesn’t seem to melt under my finger. So I have to dip my finger like about 5 times to get the balm on my lips.

The blush comes in a cute packaging. It’s plastic, so it doesn’t feel as grand. I was hoping to put this on my drawer, but it’s not as wow as I thought it would be. The colour is also too pale for a statement piece. As a collection, it’s really pretty. On its own, not too outstanding. The shade in the kit is 104 which is a really gorgeous pink. The colour is more of a blue undertone pink. It is not a matte blush. It’s actually very subtle if you only use a light hand. But when you go over it a few time, the colour show up more. 

The eye color duo is in 102,  a silver and black shadows. It’s in a suede rubber like packaging. Nice to touch but I was hoping for better. It just doesn’t feel expensive. And the price I’m sure is. The black is a bit patchy. But the kids, they are fine. They are quite subtle. So you can get a light wash of colour or keep going over it for a more pigmented look. 

Overall, I feel that it’s just a cute novelty brand. The quality is fine not fantastic for the price. They are pretty to have, but not exactly a makeup lover dream.