Lancome Blanc Expert Beautiful Skin Tone Brightening Cream

This is a nice cream to be used for me at night time. I Guess my face is just too oily to take in any cream that does not say for oily skin. I found that this works well for the outer side of my face. That’s where my face is not so oily. It’s actually quite normal. Only around my nose area that is really oily. So I only use this at night as I don’t want to add in the shine during the day. 

I don’t see any brightening effect. But maybe I use this too little time for anything noticeable. I would have enjoyed using this if I stay in colder countries. As this is not heavy yet very moisturising. Then again, there are other moisturiser that I feel is better than this. 


Lancome Renergie Multi-lift Gel in lotion

This is quite nice. It’s a gel. But it turns watery once you rub it in. I like the consistency. But this break me out I think. I just suddenly have a pop here and there. So this might be the culprit. But it’s nice. A nice lotion. Quite hydrating, so it’s good for dry skin. 

First Impression: Blanc Expert Ultimate Whitening Bio-Cellulose Mask

There really is a difference between expensive and those $2/3 masks. This feels really good on the skin. It’s the jelly gel type on one side. The mask is sandwiched between two netting. So you have to peel off one net then slowly from the chin area pat it into the skin. Once the mask stay on the face, peel off the remaining layer of the netting. It’s very fun to do. Plus the gel side once on the face, feels really good. So it’s just nice. 

Without aircon, this feels cooling on the face. It has a light Blanc expert scent. I like that I only have to leave this for only 10 mins. It’s also very moisturising and not sticky. It suppose to give me radiance, but I don’t really see it. But oh well, it’s a really nice mask. 

Juicy Shaker – Piece of Cake

I only had this for less than 3 weeks and I’m in love with it. I’ve been using it a lot. I like that it’s like a liquid gloss but it’s not glossy. I guess the proper term is that this is a lip oil. It’s $36 a pop, so quite pricey to me. But I love it. It feels so nice on the lips. It’s light but it gives colour. I like shaking it when the pigment and oil seperate. But if you use it constantly, it won’t seperate. 

It’s not drying on the lips. It’s not sticky. It doesn’t run. It doesn’t stain the lips, which is a slight pity. But it makes your lips look so juicy but natural. It’s like you look good without having to try hard kind of vibe. Plus the shade Piece of Cake is so neutral and beautiful. It is describe as a terracotta nude. But I feel it has more pinkish mauve undertone in it. Like a dusty rose shade. It’s perfect for everyone though. 

The bottle is small, so it’s easy to use your thumb and forefinger to shake it. Then you twist open the cap. Which is way too easy. You will feel that it’s not secure. But when you close the cap again you will hear a click then you know that it’s actually very safe to toss this around your bag. 

The sponge is rather unique. Albeit weird having a soft spongy texture on your lips but you’ll get use to it. I also do like the scent. It smells really good. So sweet and yummy. I really love this. 

Genifique Yeux Light Pearl Eye Illuminating Youth Activator

The only thing I like about this the cooling metal tear shape applicator. It’s really nice once it touches the skin. It’s metal, thus cooling. Other than that, the serum doesn’t seems to do much for me. I will still wake up with black eyes and puffiness. Granted I always sleep late and wake up early, but I really do want to see a slight improvement. I guess this is more brightening as illuminating is the same meaning? So not a good eye cream for me. 

Gloss In Love 


Shade 385. Such a lovely hot pink with micro shimmer in purple and other colours. I like the wand, it just hug the lips really snug. It’s quite a thick gloss. Felt sticky, but it wasn’t, not really. I mean it’s sticky and you can tell that you are wearing gloss. But it’s not an annoying feeling having it on. It is just a typical gloss that is pigmented and probably last about an hour or two. But it’s really pretty on the lips. Makes lips look super juicy. 

Rouge in Love – 132M

Love mini lipsticks, I just wish that it won’t run out so I can forever use them and put them in my bag. This Lancôme one is good as the color is very sweet. Application is smooth and it’s quite true to the colors. Usually, I will have trouble getting light pink to show up on my lips. I probably wouldn’t like this as much if it was a full size. But as a mini, it’s lovely.

Lancome Lip Contour


Lip liner, either you use them or you don’t. I love having them around, but I don’t really use them. This is in the shade Flame which is a close description of the color. An orangy red that represent buring flame. It’s the perfect shade for summer. It has tiny specks of glitter which can’t be seen unless you really zoom in on the lips. The pencil is automatic so just twist and turn. 

The texture of this lipliner is really nice. It’s like a skinny moisturizing lipstick. It glides on so well. It will appear quite drying when worn as a lipstick, the whole lips. So pretty as it may, not recommend to use it on its own. A balm over it will be good. Especially an orangy color balm. The color do transfer too, another reason why it won’t be as good on its own. But ya as a liner, it is perfect for outlining the lips and to enchance the lipstick. It will be nice with an orange, coral and red lipsticks. 

UV Expert GN-Shield BB Complete

Lancôme has 2 of these, one with and one without color. So this is the sunscreen with color. I guess it is more like a bb cream. It is very light and the texture is really like sunscreen. I like it. SPF 50 didn’t hurt too. Plus it has a nice floral scent. What I really like about this is that it leaves my skin looking matte. It will stay that way with a finishing powder for around 5 hours. So it is not bad, and I never expect that at all.
So this is a good sunscreen and I do recommend to anyone who wants to a sunscreen without the grease. Not sure about the price though.

Advanced Génifique youth activating concentrate

I just know that there are so many youth activating concentrate. I mean so many Genifique. There’s the advanced, there’s the concentrate, there’s the none and the different kind depending where it’s made. I was searching online for the cheapest place to buy this, and there were just too many version.
This is the advanced concentrate. I have the samples and travel size ones. I don’t see much difference between this and other(s). I also can’t see much what it does for my skin. Maybe it’s prevention, but I wouldn’t know. I don’t think I will buy the actual full size. As I feel that they keep giving out samples with this one. And that it always come out with new version. But I do enjoy using them.