Snow BB Soothing Cushion 

It’s just so cute. A small sample, with a small sponge. This is in shade 21 Natural Beige. I don’t have any problem with the colour. The bb itself is alright. It’s just not as good as the full size. Cause the sample, the sponge will just break apart. You will be left with tiny sponges on your face. Not easy to remove them either. It takes time, as the cream is still sort of wet.  

So the product itself is ok. Just not that good for oily skin. And the packaging is not that good as small means can be carry around, but this is not a travel friendly product. The colour is good for me. But the soothing cushion is just not meant for oily skin. I feel never cushion is not meant for oily skin period. But I did buy the full size in the pore control just to see how it’s goes. 


Laneige Water Bank Essence_Ex

This is slightly better than the light blue which is for whitening. At least it’s better than that, for my skin. This has a nice fragrance, and it’s very moisturising. Ok for night time, but morning kind of too oily for me. It sinks into the skin alright, but I don’t know, I don’t really like using it.  

Laneige BB Cushion & BB Cushion [Pore Control]

I had these 2 samples. The only other bb cushion is the Dr. Jart bounce bb. It is the same concept, where application is by using the special puff. Well they claim that it is special. Laneige one, the bb cream is contained by the sponge. So the product is being soaked by a sponge. For the Dr. Jart, the cream is being separated by a net that filter the product. But I feel the concept is the same, cause in the end you don’t use get much of the product at one time. Plus the other different is, the Laneige one only lasted me 3 uses. Laneige ones are also SPF50, as compare to Dr. Jart’s 30.

This is the BB cushion. It is whitening, moisturizing, sunscreen, water resistant, soothing, and makeup effects, which is probably to give a clean base.

This is BB cushion [pore control]. It has pore coverage, gives a semi-matt finish, water resistant, longlasting, sunscreen and cooling effects.

I wore them side by side, but I really don’t see a difference. Both shade is the same, shade 21 Natural Beige. The color is good on me. Looks a bit light, but blend beautifully on the face. It is not full coverage, still need to use concealer. But the finish is good. I can use use it for a good 8 hours, with it only being oily around my nose. Don’t need extra powder, but since I use concealer, I have to. It is nice. I like cushions, and I do consider getting a proper full size. I just not sure if I will stick to Laneige or actually get another brand. But ya, for oily skin, this is not bad. Recommended.

White Plus Renew Original Essence

This is a very light serum. It smells nice. It basically is to renew the skin to be radiant and clear. It absorbs into the skin rather quickly but it feels slightly sticky on the skin. Plus I feel this break me out. After using for 2 days, zits started forming. So not my favorite serum.  

Laneige White Plus Renew Capsule Sleeping Pack

This cost like $45 for a pack of 16 I think, and each pack is 3ml which is a lot for a one time use. You are suppose to use it once, but I don’t like wasting product so I’ve used it for 5 times, and even then there is some left. It probably is not good for my skin, but I’ve not have any bad reaction to it.
So I really do like the packaging, but I really wish it was smaller. Like I feel even 1ml will be too much for my face. At first I thought the clear substance was water. It is actually a gel like substance. Really nice to touch. The white part is the whitening part. There are a lot of blogs dedicated to the science if this product, so I apologize that this is not one of them. Honestly, sometimes I am interested why a product work, but most times, I just care about the feel of it. And this is that case or most of my posts for that matter.

It really is fun mixing the 2 substances together. You are suppose to use a clean spatula which is provided if you buy the while set, but since this is a sample, I just use cotton bud. Cotton bud can be bad as sometimes there are little cotton flyaway. But get a good new unexposed cotton bud, and no problem.

The mixture is gel like, which is my favorite kind. Plus it smells so good. It feels cooling on the skin and really fun nice on the fingers. It was a bit sticky though. It just feels heavy. I can feel it on the skin. It is not that comfortable, like I know these is something on my face. It really takes awhile for the product to sink in.

You are suppose to use it 2-3 times a week on top of your skincare. But I really see no difference. I don’t feel oily the next day so that is the good thing about this.

I also find that the less amount I use, the faster it sinks in. So it becomes less heavy and just nicer experience overall. I wouldn’t purchase this, but it will be a fun product to have when having sleepovers with your girlfriends. It is fun, like making those DIY Japanese candy. Plus everyone can just use their own cotton bud to get the product.

Laneige Water Supreme Foundation

SPF 15 no. 21 natural beige
With water as its name, this foundation is light and easy to apply. The coverage is also light and by the end of the day, I find that it is pretty much gone from my face. But at the start it’s really good. A clean finish, doesn’t leave me oily. The color is a tad too light, but it blends alright. Overall a food foundation, with a ease of application but one that doesn’t last long.