Laura Geller Baked Highlighter – French Vanilla

The other day, I was looking to apply highlighter with a fan brush when I realized I did not have a powder highlighter. I have a few of the bronzer highlight or the tiny theBalm highlighters. But no proper highlighter compact, none that appeal to me at least. So I got this cause Becca is slightly too expensive for me to play around. This is a small compact. Not sure if it’s the full size or what. 

The colour is gorgeous. It’s really a French vanilla kind of shade. It’s not overly glittery. It just gives the right sparkle. Especially with a fan brush, this gives a very subtle if not a hint of glow – just a tiny bit. I haven’t see how highlighters are an advantage to me. As in sure I have those samples or in palettes and they are pretty. They will gives such a nice glow to the cheeks but honestly I don’t see how it’s something I need. I’m glad I have this, and I’m sure you can see the sparkle. But it’s not something people will go and say wow. So yes, liked it but don’t really need need it.