L’egere CC Creams

I am a bit skeptical when the sample product came in packaging with Chinese words. Not to say I am bias. It’s just usually these will be targeted to people with fair skin. It’s like the market out there shows the Chinese prefer to have white glowy skin that looks almost close to being oily. Anyway, it’s made in Korea and I have two here to try out.

One is the Magic Skin Beautifier CC which is a white color cream. The other is Aqua Soothing Essence CC which is a skin tone cream.
Surprisingly both creams are good for me. As in they suit me. Even though the Magic is kind of make my face fairer. But it’s a good thing. I mean even the Aqua does make my face brighter too. So they really is a cream for a fairer skin. The formula is the same. Both are light and easily spread onto the skin. I find that they are best used with fingers.

The best thing about this is that I do not have to use a powder to set. It just gave me beautiful matte looking skin. And they last. I don’t have crazy oily skin by the time I come home at night. So it is long lasting. I really do like them. Both of them.

Like most CC creams, they are not a thick coverage product, so concealer is still recommended. But I find that I do not have to wear a lot. So overall, they are good product. The Magic need to be blended more as it is white and can somehow show through along the hairline, but once done, it is beautiful. The Aqua is easier to blend as the color is skin tone, and it matches me. It will probably suit a wide range of skin tone. Well maybe anyone darker than me will not, but you know what I mean.