Mini shower gels review

lemongrass house
Lemongrass Royal Lotus and Mandarin shower gel. This smells so good. I like the texture of it. The gel itself is just alright. Drying after the rinse. So it’s not a favorite shower gel.
Bioderma Atoderm gentle shower gel. It’s just a normal shower gel to me. Smells alright, smells clean. I like it enough.
Shea bombshell has the worse mini packaging ever. It’s so ever hard to use. The soap just won’t come out despite my tap tap actions. It’s a hard bottle that means I can’t squeeze it out. I have to stick my finger in and pull out hoping enough gel will come out.
The product itself has a really strong scent which is nice. But it can be quite drying after rinsing off. So I don’t like that. The best way to use this is with a loofa, only then it will lather up really nicely.


Bellabox March 2013


I finally cave in and got myself a Bellabox. It was for half price at $9.95 for the first time subscription. I got the March issue. It was theme Spring in your step. The box is so pretty with the cherry blossom stickers on the front. The box is pretty sturdy. A good box for recycling. Just a small box, that can probably fit 2 and a half iPhone 4 in width.

I cannot deny I was excited receiving this box, I was trying my best not to tear this open. Even though I already seen what the samples are. They had 2 shipping, earlier of the month and the 20th shipping, which I got. I just love receiving stuff in the mail or from anyone actually.

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