L’herboflore Marine Collegan Radiance Lift Mask

The mask is really filled with the essence. It’s quite nice to have something on my face that I can put on for hours and doesn’t get dry. Cause sometime I just want to fall asleep with my mask till the next day. So this is just the kind of mask to do that.

My face feel quite refresh after using this. I don’t feel as refresh. But when I look at the mirror, it feels like it. So it probably did something on my complexion. So I use this when I wanted to look lift up. But if I want the feel without the look, this is not the mask.


First Impression: L’herboflore Tremella Moisturising Eye Mask

This mask is drenched with essence that I’m surprised it doesn’t slip down my face. I got this mask for free walking along the train station. They were just giving this sachet for us to try. Anyway, the mask is quite broad. So it will fit pretty much everyone. The top part is great as it follow the curve of the eye shape. The bottom is slightly weird. Cause the shape sort of look like a bat, it doesn’t really fit around my nose. The whole mask covered cheeks too. 

Not sure how long I was supposed to put this on as there is no instruction stating the number. The words are all in Chinese, but there’s no time given. After about 15 minutes, my face kind of got irritated by this. It just itchy. I wanted to take this out but I wanted another 5 minutes as the mask was still rather wet. 

Overall not my fav kind of eye mask, but it’s free so why not. It is moisturising and I can feel the effect working to keep my eyes fresh. Not sure how. So this is not a good mask for night time. I guess I wouldn’t mind this to use in the morning when I’m feeling rather sleepy; just that I wouldn’t use this more than 15 minutes.