Lierac Luminescence Serum

This is an illuminating serum complex corrector. Not sure how it correct, as it’s quite a sheer glowly product. It’s pretty much translucent with an after glow effect. I guess this is nice cause you can put it together with your moisturiser or foundation for an extra glow. It’s actually quite subtle, like tiny freckle of diamond. Then it will subdue down. So it won’t be so crazy. It’s nice if you want some subtle glow on your skin. I wouldn’t recommend this for oily skin. 


First Impression: Lierac Masque Cmnfort 

This has a verh nice scent. It’s sweet, but not candy sweet. The mask is quite a thick cream that makes layering very uneven. It is ok though as in the end, you just put on as long as it covers everything. It is also a pink, a light pink mask, so its quite fun. It appears more white on the face.
This mask burn my face. After putting on for 15 seconds, it just hurt my face. I felt like my face was burning. And it is mostly on my forehead and chin. Even after removing it with water and putting cooling gel, it still felt burn. It is bad. After an hour, still same. Plus it travel all the way to my eyes. It’s like putting those heating oilment with your hands and you accidentally rub your eyes or after holding chili and you accidentally rub your eyes. It feels that way. Luckily my face did not turn red. So this is the first NO product for me.