Lip smacker vanilla frosting

Lip smacker vanilla frosting
This is just so yummy. You just want to eat it. I love the smell so badly, I want to smell all day long. It smells exactly like vanilla cake. Or more like vanilla ice cream.

Shimmery and sparkly and oh so pretty. It is just like frosting. Like snow. Shiny and not so sticky, this is the ideal gloss to put on. It comes off as clear even though it is pretty thick. Perfect on its own or over some color. It will gives off a bit of sparkle. It is not a gloss, so it is not gloss like. It doesn’t have the gloss feel, if you know what I mean. It is hard to explain.

Not exactly moisturizing, but not that dry on lips either. It is good just for a little fun and smelling fantastic.

Oh well, get this for the perfect small gift for your niece, or little cousins/sisters. Small kids would love it. I mean as an adult I do like it, I am sure they like it even more.


Red Raspberry Lip Smacker


As the name stated it is red. Usually lip smacker gives me a nice clear coat, but this one gives me a sheer hint of red. More towards pink actually. So, if my lip is super chap, it will be super obvious. If it’s a good normal day, then I will have color lips without looking too made up.