L’Occitane Brightening Essence

I like this better than the lotion and the moisturiser. The scent is much lighter. I like that it sinks into the skin rather fast. It will be slightly sticky, but after awhile it’s fine. I use this at night mostly as it leaves my skin rather oily in the morning. So it’s not a good serum for oily skin. But night time use is alright. And it does leave the skin rather brighter. 


L’Occitane Hand Cream – Jasmin

This is lovely. It has a very nice jasmine scent but it’s very subtle. It’s a nice floral. Mild and calm and pretty. Yes pretty, it feels pretty. 

L’Occitane Brightening Moisture Cream

Tried this out and I don’t really like the scent. There is just this scent that L’Occitane product has. Or at least the skincare samples I’ve tried. I guess, it’s the same series. 

L’Occitane Essential Water

This has a very herbal like scent. Not exactly herbal, but it’s just a strong scent. I don’t really like it. The toner itself is not that watery. So one sachet 2ml, just nice to coat one cotton pad. I feel like this break me out. Maybe it’s the fragrance that makes my sensitive face react. Oh well, I don’t really like. 


Rose 4 Reine

A rose scented solid perfume. I like solid perfume. It’s easy to apply in public. Anyway the scent is lovely too. Not full on rose but very clean and “sweet”, girly sweet. One of the better rose scent in the market. It is not overpowering, just a hint. Plus as a solid perfume, it is quite subtle. Oh, it is also really good to take out of the bag when stuck in a smelly bus.

Cherry Blossom

I’ve gone through phases aplenty. I mean who doesn’t. But I went crazy, really crazy, over cherry blossom, a few years ago. I feel in love with the scent of the L’Occitane cherry blossom eau de toilette. And I’ve been wanting to get it ever since. My cousins bought it for me when they went to Paris. I wanted the solid form actually, but they got me the 100mL one instead. Along the way, I bought the solid perfume, and some TBS cherry blossom. They don’t smell the same, but it’s still lovely.
Cherry blossom
So lets talk about the perfume. Both level of scent are the same, even though one is spray on EDT and one is a perfume in solid form. I like the solid one cause I can bring it everywhere. As long as I hide it in my purse, it doesn’t melt. Do they melt easily? Anyway, for daily I just spray on EDT. I like that its not a perfume, so it is not that strong. Since most of my perfume are perfume, it’s nice to have something less powering.

TBS shower gel is a disappointment. The scent is just not there. Just a hint, unlike the fruit series. But it works the same.

The body lotion I find that it’s good. Easy to apply, absorb quite quick, works as well as any TBS lotion. It is just more watery than the normal fruity ones. The scent is not overpowering. It’s quite light and you have to really sniff closely to smell it. I’m not sure if I want it to be stronger. Cause to be honest, a month half of cherry blossom, kind of make me sick.

I used the shower gel, lotion and spray on the eau de toilette and I walked out the house. I can occasionally smell the perfume, but that’s it. Even under the cold air con of the bus, I could not smell the lotion, just the perfume. And that also will disappear after awhile. So unlike the strawberry lotion where I can smell like strawberries, this one is just not there.

Quite good since I eventually got bored of cherry blossom. I only have the perfume left, but I think it’s best to be use in spring. For now, I think I’ll just focus on the fruity section of TBS. and next time, maybe I’ll get all the same brand. Even though both brands carry the same scent, it’s always just a tad different.