Lord & Berry Maxi Matte Crayon Lipstick

I’m not sure if the shade is intimacy lip color or 20100. Anyway this is a bigger version of lip liner or a smaller version of lip crayon. It does say that it is a crayon lipstick. It’s quite dry, I guess cause it’s the fact that it is matte. But I feel the texture is more like lip liner. 

I like the colour. It’s wearable. So it’s good. But it’s just way too dry for me. It also smells like a crayon. I mean I think it’s fine. It’s just gonna be a pain when the product run down. You have to find the right size sharpener. So that will eventually be a bummer. 


Lord & Berry Conceal-it

Just wanted to try Lord & Berry. Concealer was on sale, so it was the perfect opportunity. I am obsessed with concealers now, lots of things to hide on my face. This is in the shade Sand which is lighter than my skin tone. A bit on the pinker side, perfect for under the eyes. It is a medium coverage concealer. It can cover under eyes blackness, but it won’t last long. It is best apply using the sponge on the other side of the product. Dab the sponge to blend in the concealer and it gives a better coverage. Overall, it is fine but it is not something I would highly recommend.