Lush mint julips

mint julips
This smell incredible amazing. It smell just like what it is stated, peppermint chocolate. Just a hint of chocolate. I love it. The scrub is not painful too. It’s practically sugar, and you can make it yourself. But you gotta love the scrub from Lush and its hard not to buy it after you smell them.

After scrubbing, your lips became so soft and smooth. And the sweetness and yumminess of this scrub just makes you want to keep scrubbing. But ya, a little goes a long way. I only use this after I brush my teeth, most of the time. When my lips are obviously peeling/cracking. If its not that bad, then I probably won’t use it. I’ll just apply my lip balm.

I wouldn’t purchase this, even though I love it so much. The price is just too big a factor. When you can make it yourself for barely anything. Just DIY. Sugar, olive oil, done. Sugar, honey, done. So many tutorial on how to make your own lip scrub. But I do want to know how to make it as tasty as mint julips.