MAC Please Me

I don’t remember seeing such a pink shade online. It always looks more neutral pink. Something that can be use daily. But this on me is just ultra pink. I guess what lipstick you put on, the overall colour will be base on your original lip colour. Since my lips are pigmented in the first place, Please Me become really bright on me. It is not a bad shade, it just looks weird I feel. I guess it has been awhile I use this kind of colour. It will take time getting use to it.


MAC Liquid Lipcolour – High Heels

A retro matte finish Liquid lipstick. It’s actually really nice on the lips. It doesn’t feel so drying. I like it. High Heels is a beautiful red. It dries down matte rather quickly. It is quite hard to remove actually, so a good makeup remover is needed. With that, I can comfortably use this for a night out. I don’t have to worry about this fading away anytime soon. Plus the wand is nice as the pointy part is small enough for the edge of the lips. But definitely a lip product that you need to apply with a mirror in front of you. 

MAC 217

OMG! This is the best eye brush ever! 

I get it. I finally get it why so many people rave about it. I have a lot of crease/blending brush that I think is good, but Mac 217 is like a whole new level. The first time I used it, I was just mindblown. It was just so good. 

It’s soft and fluffy and really gentle on the eyes. It’s sturdy too. It feels really good on the eyelids. It picks up the pigments well and blends them really well too. 

The shape of the bristle is good cause it’s flat enough to pick up the shadows. But it’s tempered that it can get into the crease easily. The sturdiness is good to really give you the control. But I like how it is not prickly at all. Some brushes are soft but when on the lids, it can be quite prickly. 

This is $33.60 in Singapore. It’s so much cheaper elsewhere. But still worth the price to me. Will wait for their 20% sale to buy more of this. 

MAC Plumful

I don’t know if I like this. I wanted this cause the review is quite good. It’s a natural everyday shade but not a nude. It’s suppose to be slightly plum, but muted. Anyway, this is not muted at all. It’s a full colour lipstick. It is still suitable for everyday wear, but people will notice your lips if you put this on. Cause it’s not the typical pink or mauve. It’s really has the purple undertone. I guess the lighting will affect the outcome of the shade too. 

Anyway it’s a lustre finish. It’s slightly sticky when applied. On the lips it is rather comfortable. So no problem with that. I did panicked for a bit the first time I put it on, a few seconds later I was relieved. 

The pigmentation is quite sheer actually. But in the lips is wasn’t at all. If I go through a few swipes, the colour do intensify but it’s still the same shade. 

It gets some getting used to having a purple tone lips as nude and mauve are the ones I’m comfortable in. I still the plum shade looks weird on me. But on picture, the colour is not that bad. 

Painterly Paint Pot

Bought this on a whimp. All I had was pictures and swatched online. I wanted either Painterly or Groundwork. In the end I settled with Painterly. It’s a beige nude. It’s actually a cream eyeshadow which can be used as a base cause of the shades. It’s more brightening on my lids, so it’s nice. It gives my lids a neutral base. Usually I don’t use anything on my lids, so sometimes it will look oily. This prevents that. 

I got this at their sale at $30.40. The original price in Singapore is $38 for 5g worth of product. But I think that this can last forever. Not sure if it will go dry on me. I always tighten the cap real packed. Hopefully that will help. 

MAC Ruby Woo

All the red lipsticks from MAC is pretty much an icon on itsown. I wanted to buy a few to really see which ones the one I really like. But I don’t really use red lipstick. So it will be a waste. So I settle with Ruby Woo, the classic. I like it. It’s drying but it’s nice. It’s quite alright on the lips. It’s pretty. I am comfortable in it, but also feel like removing it. I prefer Viva Glam Rihanna as it’s just not so drying. But this is still nice. Cause retro matte is a good matte in appearances. 

The colour is just a classic, and you cannot go wrong with it. But if your lips is super dry, then it’s better to skip this and get something else. Cause there’re just so many red lipsticks out there. 

MAC Fast Play

For the first time, MAC had a 20% sale in conjunction with the Sephora sale. So I bought a few item and I’m planning to unbox them one at a time. It was hard trying to choose a lipstick shade. I just want them all. But I decided to buy the different finishes. So first up is the Amplified lipstick. It’s pigmented, long wearing, smooth and doesn’t dry up your lips. My lips was quite chapped. And using this, you still can see the flakes on my lips. I was hoping that it will cover it up. But it doesn’t. 

Fast Play is a beautiful mauve. It’s slightly on the nude side, wearable for any occasion. It will gives your lips a hint of colour without attracting attention to you. 

I like how it’s so long lasting and yet it doesn’t dry up my lips. Even with chapped lips, it’s comfortable on. It’s also not patchy when applied. Really glad I pick up this colour. 

MAC eyeshadow – Black Tied Velvet

Swatching this in the finger, just gives a really pigmented black with tiny silver glitter. When you transfer it onto the back of your hand, it’s just very patchy. So tapping motion to apply this is still the way. It’s not a smooth shadow. It’s very course. I guess cause of the glitter in this. So ya, this is nice to want a hint of glitter on the lid for a top up on a smudged black eyeliner as shadow application. 

MAC Sheertone Shimmer Blush – Peachtwist

This is a nice bronze blush. I guess if it’s not so shimmery, it will be nice to bronze up the face. The shade is slightly rosey. So it’s more suitable as a blush. It’s quite pigmented. I will use a stippling brush just to get the faintest colour. While we like things pigmented, I find that less pigmented item that can be build up to be much better. But anyway, this is a great blush for summer time. 

MAC Syrup

I know ages ago I said it’s nothing special about a MAC lipstick. But I just wanted one for work. A shade that is mlbb. A nice wearable shade appropriate for work. I choose MAC cause it felt save to have. I got the the shade Syrup which is a lustre finish. Now I’m in love with MAC. It doesn’t disappoint. You can have dry lips, and this will somehow cover it slightly. It won’t make your lips look super dry. The colour is not only beautiful, it’s just so wearable. 

Syrup has lived in my bag for months. It’s the lipstick I bring with me everywhere I go. Cause I know if I was rushing and forgot to use one, Syrup will not fail me. It can also work as a top up lipstick. It’s just versatile and suit every mood and occasion. 

The scent is a nice typical MAC lipstick scent. The formula is creamy and feels comfortable on the lips. It’s easy to apply even without a mirror. The tube is solid, so you know it won’t break when you apply it. It just feels nice upon application. It’s quite worth the money especially if you don’t buy it in Singapore.