MJ Honey Pump Gloss Neo

The first time ever I used this, I almost cry. The plumping effect was so painful. It was really the worse gloss I’ve ever put on. But I decided for some unknown reason to put it on again and the plumping is no longer there. It just become a gloss. So it’s not a good product at all. Not consistent at all. And the thing is, once I declare it a gloss, it started to tingle again, so it’s like after about 5 minute of use it works. But only for about 3 seconds. Weird product. 

It’s quite thick and shimmery. This is shade 22. Quite pretty actually. Has a light hint of pink in it. But it hardly shows unless your natural lips is really light. Without the tingling, it’s a comfortable gloss to wear. You can still feel it on, but it’s not irritating. Oh well, I wouldn’t recommend it. 


Jeweling Eyes in SV887

It is hard to capture the beauty of this quad. With all MM shadows, they are super pigmented, highly shimmery and. smooth to apply on the lid. I forgot how much I love MM eye shadows. They are just so easy apply. It’s just so beautiful on the lid.
jeweling eyes
I have oily lids, without a primer, it still goes on nicely, but at the end of the day the colors sort of blend together. So primer is definitely a must. The shadows past forever. Its shimmery is perfect for night use. I mean it’s nothing wrong to use in the day, but I prefer less in the day, more matte. But ya, a bit more pricey for a drugstore brand but really worth the money.

Majolica Majorca cream pencil liner in GD807

I’ve been playing with eye liner. Usually before I take off my makeup, I’ll apply the liner. It’s a pretty gold shimmer that is creamy and easy to apply. Not exactly buttery but it doesn’t tug the lid, which in my book is a great product. It is great as an eye base too.

This does not smudge, which is awesome. But I find the glitter do transfer. Like it will fall onto my lashes. I guess if you are going for that look, it’s actually really nice to have a little sparkle on the lash. Oh, the color is also not intense. It’s just the glitter that attract the attention.

Overall for the price, I don’t really think its worth it.

Majolica Majorca lash expander frame plus and more blue stuff

This is a blue mascara. I’ve been looking for some colored mascara for a while. I used to love ZA blue mascara. It has the perfect hint of blue, but it wasn’t a baby blue, pastel color, it’s a navy blue actually. I just cannot find it anymore. So when I see this and it’s on sale (of course, I buy everything on sale), I just had to get it.

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Majolica Majorca majolook in BR355


I was given this when my aunt came back from Japan. She used it there as she forgot to bring eye shadow. Anyway, it is brown, so it is convenient for me to use.
It is opaque and has shimmer.


Most of the time, I just use the darkest for night time. The lighter brown will be use in the afternoon. Or I will use the darkest brown as an eyeliner. The top and bottom eye. Most of the time, I will be using this shadow at night. It is just so sparkly. I will use all 3 colors and my eyes are all made up. With the highlighter, if I want my eyes to be the main focus. But I find, under the dark night light, especially in clubs, you cant really see the eye shadow colors. Just the sparkles.


The picture here doesn’t do any justice. I just swipe a light color on my hand, and it doesn’t capture the color opacity.

I just love this shadow. But sometime you just want to try out with new things.

Majolica Majorca jeweling eyes in PK785


Majolica Majorca’s jeweling eyes in PK785 is a pretty feminine eye shadows. I pretty much ignore the highlight and darker pink. Most of the time I just use the dark brown. It is such a pretty color. Not dark, but it gives some color to your eyes. Natural, as I don’t use primer, and eventually in a few hours it will fade away. So, the color is just nice for a little something instead of nothing.


Finally see the swatch on my hand, I think I have been using the color wrong. The darker pink is so much nicer than the lighter one.

I like this shadow. Simple and shimmery. However it is not so loud, I guess it will be if using primer. I never tried that before. So this jeweling eyes is perfect for day or night.