Lip Brushes

My fav is the manicare brand lip brush. It’s retractable and what I like about it is that it I has a slight dent that will snugly fit the cap and the black moveable pointer thing. 

The Dior one came from a palette. As you can see it’s well loved. Also, it’s hard to put back into the cap. That’s why the bristle are so out of place. 

MUA L1 is quite pointed at the tip. So it’s good to get a clean line using this. Plus the bristle will not run. So it’s quite easy putting it back. 

Lastly I have the Anna Sui one. It’s a pretty brush. But the brush is quite soft. So not really good for getting clean line which I feel is the purpose of me using a lip brush. But to just lightly put colour on the lips, this is nice. 

Of course I also have those lol brushes from sets. But those I hardly use, cause I put them together with the set. 

Oh the thing with lip brushes, they are hard to really clean. So I don’t like using lip brushes. 


Random Eye Brushes

Before I became obsessed with makeup, I bought random brushes. Especially when it come to eye brushes. So here are the ones that lasted with me through this years.

Elianto crease brush. As I love crease/blending brush. This is good as it is quite small. Perfect for small eyes and can be use for any purpose, really.

Manicare liner brush. It is soft and good for gel liner. Well I hardly use it, but I like it when I happen to play with it.

Essence lid brush. This is decently size. It is fluffy but not exactly the softest brush. Good at picking up pigments.

Nobrand lid brush. This is like first brush ever. I love it. Until now I feel that it is the perfect size for my lid. It is slightly tempered at the top, so it can reach the inner corners of the lid very well.

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage brush is not suppose to be in this picture. This is a concealer brush. Good at doing its job as it has a pointed tip.

Maybelline eyeliner brush. This comes free with the Maybelline gel eyeliner. But I really do think that the brush is perfect for applying liner. It is soft yet sturdy and the tip is the right size for a thin or a thick line.

Elianto angle brush. This one is nice for setting the eyeliner with a powder shadow. It will pick up the shadow and the angle make it just right for tapping into line.

MUA E4 is a liner brush. Just a typical liner brush. But at least you can cover it up so it is good for travelling around with.

Nobrand lid brush. This is my attempt at replacing my fav eye brush. This is good but not as good. So I tend to use this with cream shadows. It will not absorb the cream, so it makes a better cream shadow applicator. And it doesn’t spoil the brush.

So there you have it. All my eye brushes that doesn’t belong with the rest of my brushes.

Brow Brushes

Well speaking of my fav brow product, I’ll show you what I have been using to fill in my brows. These are the four brushes that I rotate around. When it comes to brow, I like bristle to be thick and coarse. That way I brush the hair too instead of just colouring in. My fav is the shortest one. It’s the first brow brush I got. Bought it at Sasa and it’s a nobrand brush. Tried looking for it again, and I can’t find it anymore. It’s very thick and tough which is perfect for me. So it’s very easy and fast to use this. 
Next is something new. Just bought it during Sephora sale, $13.60 from $17. It’s also very nice to use. It’s thick, softer than the nobrand one, and really easy to apply brow powder. I really enjoy using this. If your brow hair is not unruly, this is a better product. But if taming your hair is important, the nobrand one is better. 

I have one from manicare. Bought this at $5 I think. This has a thinner bristle. But still slightly thicker than eyeliner brush. I used this interchangeably. It’s ok, if brow powder is dark, this will be good as it doesn’t really transfer product onto brow as much. 

Lastly is one from EcoTools. Surprisingly I like this. I prefer thicker, rougher bristle. But this is a thin angle brush which can be use for lining. This is slightly dense which is why I like it. It will slowly transfer the product onto the brow and it is easy to draw. But I sort have to use the darker shade first to outline the brow before I can slowly fill them in with the lighter shade. That’s why I like using the ELF brow with this cause of the wax part. It just makes it easy to stay on. 

Oh, there is one more brush I have the mention. It’s the RT brow. It is also quite thick. Not so rough but quite dense. I like it too, but I don’t seems to reach out for it as much. 

1 Day to Xmas: Random

I don’t know about you, but I always get Christmas presents in the last minute. Sometimes I can’t find anything good, and I will just end up giving out goodie bags. I will personalize each bag and it will contain some random knickknack. Or I will put things that the person actually need. I once put a makeup bag full of makeup for one girl starting college. She got hooked on makeup since.
So here’s an example of random goodies.
I reuse a beauty box and filled it in with basically anything and everything. I wanted to put in some chocolates and sweets but I forgot to include that.
I like getting candles, they are nice. Ikea has some candles. They smell good when you put them close to your nose, but other than that it is not that good. The popular one in Singapore will be Yankee candles. I absolutely love their mix berry scent. This one is Yankee Candle in Christmas Cookie. It smells define like Creme brûlée and frosting. Candles are not cheap, so it makes a great present on its own.

I also throw in Manicare eyelash curler and fake lashes. It’s just something people don’t really think about. Especially those really fun fake lashes. It’s just fun to get something you don’t normally buy for yourself but will love to try them out. Like paperlashes and lip tattoo.

Small perfumes are good too. Not those tiny spray but an actual miniature perfume. I adore the Incanto series and this one is a mix feelings for me. Incanto Bloom Salvatore Ferragamo is quite lovely, but a rather weak perfume. It’s floral and sweet. A hint of rose and tea, but it’s not very strong. People said it smells like freesia, but I don’t know how freesia smell like. I prefer fruity scent of Incanto, but I adore this packaging the most.
You can also get them a travelo, that will be useful. Qoo10 has some cheap one, but I find that after a few uses, it will leak.

Throw in some of your favorite things like Maybelline Color Tattoo. It’s harder to give someone lipstick as they might not like the color or it may not suit them. I find eyeshadows are more forgivable. Or maybe even a lip balm of two, you can never have enough of them.

I also throw in a cotton bud container from Watsons. I just love the plain acrylic container. It’s just so simple and chic. Again this is random but pretty useful right?

I really feel anything goes.

Expensive chocolate is especially nice for people with a sweet tooth. You don’t buy pricey chocolate for yourself on normal days, so getting one is nice.
Wine or champagne if visiting someone house.
Soft toys or cute pillows for someone younger.
Popcorn and cookies seem to be selling quite well. I’m talking about Garrett and Amos.
Or simple get the girls beauty box subscription. Hustle free.

Merry Christmas.

The $20 makeup challenge

Hello, today this blog turn 1. I did managed to get rid a lot of products that are old. Kind of proud about that, however I have subsequently collected more. In the process of blogging things down and throwing them out, I fell in love with makeup. I find that I want more. So even though I have more toys now, it is alright, as I actually use them.
This blog has taught me a whole bunch of things, like skin care, makeup, application, myself, etc. I am more dedicated to my skin care regime and caring more about how I look. It is still a learning process, and I thank you for following through this journey with me.

I thought it will be fun to do something different.

The $20 makeup challenge is one of the most popular tag on YouTube. So I decided to do a post on my version of $20 makeup challenge products. I have to roughly convert it to Sing dollar and since makeup is generally more expensive here, therefore it will be less item for S$25.40.

For the past few days, I’ve used only the items mention in this post. I greatly miss my other lip colors, but for the sake of this post, I sacrifice. I also try to use different brands as its more challenging this way.

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