Mario Badescu Acne Facial Cleanser & Special Cucumber Lotion

I’ve been trying a lot of skincare products and my face hates me for it. It has been breaking out pretty badly. My forehead, chin and cheeks. Well that’s pretty much the whole face. Plus it is not one or two, it’s really a lot. So it was the perfect time to try this acne facial cleanser. I read online that this is great to use with the special cucumber lotion. So I try them, and more often than not, I don’t bother with the toner.
The result? Amazing! After a week, my skin gets so much better. And I only use this as the only different product in my routine, so I know it is really the cleanser that’s doing the magic. The toner is nice, but I don’t see it doing anything. It just a nice clean fresh scented toner. But it really is just normal, nothing special about it.

The acne facial cleanser on the other hand is really amazing. It smells clean, and it just looks so boring, but it really cleans my face. Most of the time, I’ll wipe off my makeup first before washing my face, but when I forgot to, it does remove my makeup, so it is great. It doesn’t feel overly drying but it just feels clean. I already like the cleanser on how it feels on the skin. But the result it gave me, I love it even more. It just feels nice to see the pimples diminishing on the face. It just gets lesser and eventually disappear. It’s amazing! Yes I’ve said it 3 times, but it really is. Love it.

Will repurchase? The cleanser, yes! HG product!


Mario Badescu enzyme cleasing gel

Enzyme cleansing gel is a non-drying cleanser. It got rid of my makeup easily. Even though the website say to avoid the eye area, I used it for removing my eye makeup too.

Using this brings me back to my stay at the resort in Bali. It just smell like a resort type of soap. Plus washing your face, you close your eyes, so I just get there mentally.
So not only it smell fresh and relaxing, this doesn’t strip of moisture on my face. It just clean gentle and remove makeup residue. Really liking it, but I’m just into the scent.

I am afraid of product that say suit all skin type. It just gives me the impression that it will be better suited for dry skin. But this isn’t bad for oily skin. I really think it suits all skin type. I will miss the resort feel the most.