9 Days to Xmas: M&S Lavender

Another place I can think of is Marks & Spencer. They sell a great variety of product, well mostly toiletries. They also have perfume and home fragrance. The thing bout them though is that they are for the more mature ladies, I feel. Like I only go there to buy stuff for my mom or my aunt. Another alternative is Crabtree & Evelyn. But that’s more for everyone, and it’s a little pricier. There’s many shops that’s perfect for gift set shopping. With so many scent to choose from, I think it’s hard to choose just one gift.

And I know you’ll go I don’t want to buy another hand cream, nor do I want to receive one, but it’s Christmas. It’s no excuse for another boring present, but I am not suggesting to buy everybody hand creams. Unless that person really need one or want one. I just think these kind of gifts are perfect for those last minute guests or just random gifts.

There are just so many option for Christmas presents, it’s really hard to just give a few ideas or even categories. Here I have the lavender floral collection from Marks & Spencer.
So the middle one is the body lotion. On either sides are hand lotion and hand soap which come in a set. It’s just a travel size and I don’t like the packaging cause it’s troublesome. You have to twist the cap open and it will be easily lost if you’re not careful.

The scent wise is lovely. I personally love their peach scent. Lavender is pretty much lavender. The lotions are not at all sticky. It absorb really quickly but the moisturizing factor doesn’t last that long. So that is pretty much the only bad thing I can say about this. The hand soap just has a light scent, but the cap just makes me not use it. That is it, just a short review. Nothing much to say really.