Masterpiece Max Mascara

Yay to mini mascara. For this, I’m not sure if I have it for long so it’s dry, or it’s the dry kind of mascara. But regardless, it still is nice for daily cause it’s not dramatic. But you have to curl your lashes first. It doesn’t clump also, so that’s nice. Really just a fuss free mascara.


Colour Elixir Giant Pen – Designer Blossom

A shiny red, this is very glossy. It appears more like a gloss. A tad bit sticky but that’s what will make it last longer. The color is actually quite sheer. But it will stain your lips, once the shine is gone. I kind of like the stained color. It’s so bright and Popsicle looking if you know what I mean. 

It is not a bad thing. Just not really a big fan of this. I like the Foxy Amber better. For some reason this just is not as comfortable on the lips as that.  

Maxfactor Lipstick – Bewitching Coral 827


When something is said to be coral, I imagine that something to be pinkish orange. A color more on the peachy side. But I guess I am wrong as whatever coral is always more on the lightish pinkish reddish tone. It’s still beautiful but I am more interested in peachy pink. So what will you call that? 

Anyway, Bewitching Coral is beautiful for the summer. In real life it’s more of a watermelon pink on my lips. It is smooth to apply, and pigmented when swatch. On my pigmented lips, I have to double layer for the whole lips to be fully covered. It is creamy but doesn’t run. So it’s quite an easy lipstick. It is also a creme finish but with a hint of shine. So no gloss is needed. Since the color is so bright, it is a good pop of color on otherwise a plain face. It also kind of stain your lips, once the lipstick start to fade off. 

The only thing I don’t like about it is that it emphasize on your crack lips. The crevasses it kind of obvious. Not sure if it is the color or the lipstick formula. 

All in all, it’s still not bad. 

Best of ’14: Face – Maxfactor 3in1 Foundation

This is a tough one. I like a lot of foundations, bb and cc creams. But ultimately I had decided that I like this one more. Its 3in1 claim do live up to its name. It’l does prime and conceal too. Why I say that is because it is long lasting and a really full coverage foundation. I guess medium to full is more accurate but it does help concealing and you don’t have to use anymore concealer. It just helps to even out skin tone.

This shade is too light at first. But it oxidize on you so it becomes the perfect shade. I didn’t know what shade I am when I asked my friend to buy this for me. So it just work out well in the end.

But ya, it’s a really good foundation.

Color Elixir Giant Pen Stick

Can’t get hold of Cover Girl, but I heard Maxfactor is practically the same. So here I have a lip crayon in the color Foxy Amber. This doesn’t twist up, so you have to manually sharpen it which can be a hassle. Other than that, it is great. I love the color. A really pretty bright pink. It is glossy too. And it kind of stain the lips a little. It is super comfortable to wear on the lips and last quite a long time. I recommend this but so far I can only get in the UK and I can’t remember how much it cost.