Maybelline Lashionista Waterproof Mascara

I never see this before. I am used to the pink one. Do they even sell that anymore? I think I did like the pink one. It’s a lengthening mascara. This one is the waterproof version. 

The wand is really easy to brush. I like it, cause no clumps, and doesn’t go out of my natural lashes. So it is not messy. I can see fibers on the wand, but it doesn’t drop on me. Unfortunately this doesn’t lengthen my lashes as how I would like it. It is not volumising, it doesn’t claim to be, but as such, my lashes doesn’t look nice. Cause this just appear to make my lashes darker. But that’s it. It doesn’t give dramatic length. It’s just very natural looking. 

While I like natural looking lashes, I do want a bit more bam. Doesn’t matter, cause this becomes my daily mascara instead. So it’s good for that. 


Maybelline Brow Drama Pomade Crayon

  • Easy to apply
  • Can be smudged
  • Twistable
  • The beauty of this product. It’s really fast to apply your brows using this. You basically just draw on your brows. It’s thick and so easily transferred that it takes no time at all. But you can touch your brows after as it is as easily to remove the product. 

    Medium brown doesnt suit me at all. It feels more khaki instead of brown. So the shade is all wrong. If not this will be the perfect product for the morning when you just have no time at all to apply your makeup. 

    Maybelline Colorblur

    Nude or mauve that is the question. I always pick either these colours for my lip shade. I just gravitate towards them. This is actually quite a nice gradient lip product. The problem is, it doesn’t show up much, so I decided to fill in my lips. So this will show all the dry part of your lips. 

    The sponge part is a plastic silicon thing. It’s not that nice to use. It just doesn’t blur it colour properly. It’s better to just use your finger. 

    Anyway, I guess the colour doesn’t suit me very well. Like I will gravitate towards these kind of shades. But for some reason, this just doesn’t look as nice on my lips. So quite a regret getting this. I just don’t really enjoy using this. 

    Maybelline Lip Polish in Glam 1 


    Bought this in BKK and it’s less than $10 I think. There’s a limited shade to choose from and I just take one that I feel it’s quite neutral. Glam 1 is a sparkly peachy neutral shade. It’s actually quite streaky when applied. You have to really smooth it out for colour to stop running. It’s pretty once everything blended through. It appears more sheer and sparkly. 

    I do like the applicator and I find that after the hard work of blending the shade in, it’s a very pretty comfortable “gloss”. 

    230 Punch of Pink Lipgloss from Maybelline

    No idea what lipgloss is this call. It just states the colour. It’s a very plain pacakaging with silver tip. It has a very weird scent. The wand is nice. Flat but has a short tip so it can get into the corner of the lips. It just helps to make it cleaner. The colour is just a milky pink. On good days, it is perfect on the lips. On bad days, the milky part is quite obvious. So you really have to blend it out and hope for the best. But after, it will settle and will gives your lips a glossy natural pink. I guess it just lighten my pigmented lips. So it looks more soft on me. 


    Long Extreme Double Stretch Mascara


    So this is a double ended mascara. One side is a primer the other side a black mascara. It’s a natural bristle wand and not too thin not too fat. It is a lengthening mascara. An average one. It’s good for those who already have full lashes. As this will just help to lengthen it. If those with sparse lashes, then it won’t be so dramatic like the ads. 

    I prefer to use it on its own without the primer cause I’m lazy that way. It’s very natural looking to me. It coats all my lashes evenly and without any clumps. 

    If I use with the primer, I find that it can get a little bit clumpy. Plus your lashes will be white in colour. So you have to use the primer then quickly use the mascara. It has to be fast to make sure that the primer doesn’t dry up on your lash and thus leaving you with white lashes. So sometime it can get a bit tricky. And it will kind of clump. It doesn’t give volume so it’s just not pretty. 

    So in the end, I don’t think this is worth the hassle. But I mean it’s a good mascara in the first few uses. 

    Maybelline Eye Quad


    It’s neutral. It’s a quad. Some people think that is underrated. But personally it’s just an average eyeshadow to me. It may seem like it swatch very well, but on the eyes is quite bla. The colours blended all together making it one shade. I don’t know, it just seems like a good quad for beginners but I don’t really see how it is work for the newbie. Even with eye primer, the colours still doesn’t show up on me. 

    Baby Lips – Cherry Pie


    Don’t really like the fruit punch which is a pink shade. Cherry pie is a sheer reddish shade. It’s more visible on the lips. So it’s actually a very nice wearable colour. The scent also doesn’t smell like cherry, which is good. What I like the most is that it kind of sort of stain my lips. I know it’s not in the claim, but it always does stain my lips. So it’s good. Well unless I eat, it will last slightly longer. 

    Plus it is a balm, which is good. Cause it’s not drying. So it’s just one of those product that is actually very comfortable on the lips. Now I understand why people love this. 

    Lash Sensational

    Finally something waterproof. I’ve been using a lot of mascara lately. That’s mean I have a lot of opened mascara at the moment. I’m just like that. Pretty obsessed with one thing at some point of a time. I always love mascara and lip glosses, lipstick now, but it’s been awhile. 

    I am not so in love with The Rocket or They’re Real. But I have to try this.  It’s a typical Maybelline tube. Suppose to be a lilac pink, but I don’t like the color. The wand at first does look quite weird. It’s a curve and with a little fangs at the inside of the end. Remind me of the L’Oreal Wings (end up I bought that to compare). But this one the “wings” is not so prominent. 

    I quite like this and I’ve been using it a lot. I wanted to review so many mascara, but I feel since this is the newer one in the market, so I just want to get it out there. I’d used this for 2 months plus. So it’s a good amount of time for a proper review. The formula is average, not wet not dry. It’s lengthening, the more coat you use the more it will clump. But the length it can create, just wow. Plus the volume, can be seen as it’s just thicker. I mean it is a black mascara, so obviously it will darken your lashes. 
    The wand can be bent but it’s not flexible. And I find that I don’t use the outside curve of the wand. I use it to separate my lashes but it will fail most of the time. Cause more product will just cling on instead. So, I use about 2/3 coats and it just gives the most natural finish ever. It just gives your lashes a coated look. Plus the little fangs really help with coating the outside lashes of my eyes. 

    Baby Lips – Pink Punch

    I always wanted to try the baby lips. The one from the US. So many people rave about it. I finally got to try it. It smells really nice. Love that. The color is nice too. A nice pink. It’s a light neon pink. On my lips, the color kind of show but not as great. For a lip balm, it’s not as moisturising. In real life, my lips kind of blotchy and dry and it just shows. This looks like the 17 lipstick, but baby lips is a lighter pink. I prefer the 17 which is a more a candy apple pink. So Pink Punch has a really nice scent, but to me is not a good lip balm at all.