mocodo Silicone Puff

I wanted to jump into the band wagon of the silicone puff. I really wanted to see how bad it is that people are laughing about it. I wanted to try the original one (SiliSponge) or at least the popular brand one – Heme, with the smiley baby face. It cost NT199, wasn’t on sale, so I didn’t get it. Instead I bought this which is cheaper. I can’t exactly remember how much, but it was cheaper. 

This is a silicone puff. It feels very jelly like with a smooth plastic covering it. I am not sure how I feel about it. People say this is good cause it doesn’t absorb the product unlike sponges. While that’s true, people countered that you can just use your fingers and it will gives the same result. 

I do prefer this though. I don’t like getting foundation on my fingers. So a silicone puff is better for me. In term of of how well it can blend the foundation onto my skin, this is not that good. I find that I have to pat a lot, buff a lot. The pressure on my fingers are better. So this is not something I will use when I’m in a hurry. I also don’t think this is good when applying concealer. It just makes the concealer run off. 

I still think using a brush gives me the best result. It’s easier for me to use brushes. I don’t really like beauty blender cause I have to get them wet first and the water source are kind of far away from my room. Plus I’m not patient with patting motion. I do have a new beauty blender that I would like to try again with. So silicone, yes or no? To me not really. It’s just nice to have if you don’t want to really dirty your fingers and it’s easier to travel with. But I don’t think it can replace beauty blenders or brushes in my opinion.