Fat Lash

modelco mask
This is an average mascara. It does help to lengthen lashes by volumising them. The wand is just super huge that it always smudge when applying. The mascara is alright. It is not too wet, not too dry. It gives really good natural length, thicker lashes. But the wand really just way bigger than my eyes. So, it’s not a nice mascara to use.


ModelCo Lip Enhancer Illusion Nude Lip Liner

modelco lipliner
Got this from a UK magazine. It is suppose to be a universal lip liner that helps to enhance the lips. The liner is a nude shade. It is easy enough to use, quite creamy to line. Shading all over the lips is easy too but once on the lips, it is quite drying. It also will emphasize the dryness of the lips.
I like the pencil as it has a build in sharpener so it makes sharpening easier. I wouldn’t buy it if given the option, but since it’s free, it is not bad. Doesn’t work as well as a color keeper, so it is not recommended to use with darker lip colors. But I think this is just for giving an illusion of smaller or bigger lips depending on your skin tone, I’m not sure too.

Modelco eyeliner

Modelco eyeliner It’s an eyeliner that is creamy but smudge-prone. I really want an eyeliner that stick and doesn’t run and doesn’t transfer. Having hooded eyelid is hard enough. I really want one reasonable priced eyeliner that doesn’t smudge on me.

I like the build in sharpener. That’s about it. So the way I use this is a base or just a little and smudge it so it looks like I have eyeshadow on my lid.

ModelCo Cheek + Lips

Now that it’s autumn, it’s suppose to give you the warm and cozy feeling. You are suppose to think of hot chocolate, falling leaves, scarfs and deep colored lips. But this is sunny Singapore, even though its been raining daily, it’s just not cold enough. Maybe you will only feel the Christmas spirit since most malls will be up with Christmas deco by now. I’ve been home though, watching YouTube mostly, and cause of that I really want a berry blush.
modelco cheek lip tint
I don’t have one, until I remember this cheek and lip tint in Rosy Red. This is from one of the Bellabox. I do not like it as a lip tint. My lips are too pigmented (check out Von, she managed to pull it off beautifully). And my lips are not equally pigmented all over. The top lip is actually darker. Anyway, for some reason, my tint is very clumpy. I don’t think its suppose to be like that. So no matter how much I try, it just doesn’t work. From the tube it can be seen as dark, but in fact, its quite sheer for me.
For cheek, it doesn’t show up much. It’s good for just a tiny hint of color. Maybe if you have fair skin it will show better.

This is my first ever tint, so I hope I have better luck in the future. And I still want a berry blush. I really should stop watching YouTube or reading blogs. They just make me want to go shopping.

ModelCo shine ultra lipgloss

So I got mine in Strip Tease. It is a pretty apricot color, rather sheer and has tiny specks of glitter dust which can’t really be seen. It has this smell which I can’t describe. It is not bad, but I just would like to know what does it smell like. Anyone know?
As you can see, it’s really sticky when you take it out from the tube. Applied on the lips though, it’s just like normal lip gloss. Sometimes it is fine, other times it is quite tacky. So not really loving the formula there.

This is the color comparison to my EL pure color. From the tube, Strip Tease actually looks nicer. When swatch, Electric Ginger is better. The color pigmentation is better, smell nicer, and the glitter show up more.

The only thing I like is the packaging, and that is the mirror attached to it. It’s just really practical for when you don’t have a mirror nearby.

This is what it looks like on the lips. It’s just basically a clear lip gloss that has tiny glitter that can’t be seen. I would use this on top of lipstick for that extra shine.

May Bellabox

My Bellabox for May came on the 10th. It was themed Ready for Cannes.

I really like the little sticker that hold the wrapper together
These are all the things I got this month. 5 + 2 bonus items. When I first open the box, I was quite shocked to get 7 stuff. I love it, the more the merrier, but I guess the value of each product should be less huh. I also finally got a makeup item, sort of. Do lipgloss count as makeup?

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