Modelsprefer Mini Oval Paddle

This is a very nice mini brush. It’s not exactly mini, but it fits my hand well. It’s not too hard and it comb through hair quite finely provided you use conditioner. Without conditioner, it still quite hard to brush thru. Even though, the bristle is quite sparse, it doesn’t tug as much, it still need your hair to be quite conditioned. It’s also just nice for short to medium length hair. If you have longer hair, I think it will be better to have a bigger brush. But as my hair is thin, this suits me fine too when my hair is longer.


Modelsprefer Styling Radial

Bought this at Priceline. Wanted to get Jane brand, but this was on sale. It’s also Priceline house brand. It’s not a bad brush. It has a longer plastic strands and the compact fibre strands in a row. It’s a round comb that it perfect blowing hair or detangling. I mean it is quite hard to detangle, but it work. Even though I have to sort of rough to my hair when combing through. Surprisingly, it doesn’t remove a lot of my hair when I comb it through. Usually when combing, one or two strands will fall. 

This is for medium to long hair, is perfect for me now, before I cut my hair. But when I cut my hair, it will be a medium length anyway. So it’s suppose to be a volume and shape, grooming brush. I find that it does a really good job at smoothing out flyaway. I comb my hair nightly with this brush, and it just leaves my hair very soft and smooth. 

Also good for blowing. The fibre grab on to the hairs well, thus making little curls possible. What can I say? Comb your hard a hundred times daily and you’ll be left with beautiful hair.