7th Heaven Chocolate Mud Masque

This does smell like chocolate. It’s very thick and I feel that one mask can be used for 2. Cause I have to be really generous with my application and I still have a lot in the pack. The mud mask looks more like milk chocolate instead of the rich chocolate mud it suppose to look like on the packaging. It takes time for it to dry, as I used a really thick layer. I never let it dry fully as I just couldn’t have it on forever. 

I like how this is a deep moisturing mask. It just makes my skin smooth after. I no longer have dry skin on my cheek after one application. It’s good. So I use this whenever I need the extra moisture. Plus it smells like chocolate, so good. 


Montagne Jeunesse Very Berry

This is such a cool metallic purple mask. It feels really alien using this. It feels cool. Cause it’s purple, but it’s also metallic. I can divide this mask for 2 usage. Not sure if I can actually store them once opened. But that’s what I did. 

So this is a ultra moisturising which is very true. Not so good for my oily skin. For cleansing, this doesn’t do much for me. So I guess it’s just one of those mask that has a lot of moisturising property. Nothing much to say about this. Neither impress or disappoint me. 

First Impression: 7th Heaven Blemish Mud

I liked this cause it’s fun when the mask harden after a few minutes. It is actually a kaolin clay. So the colour is grey and it smells rather awful. Once I put it on, it wasn’t that bad. Only when I remove it do I smell the unpleasantness. But it’s not that strong. So it doesn’t repulse me. 

It’s a very soothing mask. For deep cleansing, I don’t really think it does. But I wouldn’t know. How do you know it deep cleanse? Anyway, this is for problem skin. I’ve been having such a bad break out on my forehead, so I thought I give this a go. It Downey make it worse. It sure calm my face down a bit. Oh after removing it, by peeling the dry flakes (so fun) and the rest of the mask by a wet washcloth, my face actually looks brighter. 

And lastly, as usual with these kind of masks, it came mostly in 20g, which is really a lot for one person. So it is quite wasted. It will be a much better use if there is someone who will share this. There is still a lot left even though I piled up my face and covered it good. So this gets a 2 thumbs up!

Montagne Jeunesse peel off masque cucumber

10ml is a lot for my face. I mostly use like more than half of it. But I felt it is so wasted. It is like any other mask. Spread easily, dried more or less properly after like 10 min, not completely. It said to remove after 10-20 min or when totally dry. I usually remove it like way after 20 min as it does not dry fully.

I like peeling mask best. It is fun to clean off. I always feel that the tight mask peel off every dead cell on your skin. That’s why I like peeling mask. Like peeling off dead skin, giving you with new ones.

It states to peel pores and deep clean. I do not know how right it is, but it just feels nice and er, clean for a better lack of word. It is refreshing too. Clean smooth new face.