Plumping Lip Gloss in Pink Sugar

I found a bunch of unopened makeup in one of my bag. I thought I had lost all those makeup. Anyway, I opened them hoping that they’re still alright to use. This lip plumper is still fine. It doesn’t smell funky or anything. I love lip plumper especially the MUA one. They just tingle right. I finished my first ever one like a few months after opening it. It just like it that much that I kept using it. The colour was good too. 

Pink sugar is slightly a darker pink. But it’s still wearable on the lips. Pigmented and one coat is all you need. It’s just so shiny and slightly glittery. It makes my lips look super juicy. I just love looking in the mirror using this. It’s not so sticky and it’s comfortable on the lips. The tingling is not extreme. It just a touch that makes you know your lips are experiencing something. 


MUA Intense Kisses Lipgloss – Sealed with a Kiss

MUA intense kisses is still one of my fav lipgloss formula. It is only £2. This time round I got the shade Sealed with a kiss which is a very soft neutral pink. I guess it’s a nude with a hint of pink. It’s rather pigmented and glossy. But it’s moisturising on the lips. It is comfortable on the lips. So it’s really nice. I just love it. 

Lip Brushes

My fav is the manicare brand lip brush. It’s retractable and what I like about it is that it I has a slight dent that will snugly fit the cap and the black moveable pointer thing. 

The Dior one came from a palette. As you can see it’s well loved. Also, it’s hard to put back into the cap. That’s why the bristle are so out of place. 

MUA L1 is quite pointed at the tip. So it’s good to get a clean line using this. Plus the bristle will not run. So it’s quite easy putting it back. 

Lastly I have the Anna Sui one. It’s a pretty brush. But the brush is quite soft. So not really good for getting clean line which I feel is the purpose of me using a lip brush. But to just lightly put colour on the lips, this is nice. 

Of course I also have those lol brushes from sets. But those I hardly use, cause I put them together with the set. 

Oh the thing with lip brushes, they are hard to really clean. So I don’t like using lip brushes. 

Random Eye Brushes

Before I became obsessed with makeup, I bought random brushes. Especially when it come to eye brushes. So here are the ones that lasted with me through this years.

Elianto crease brush. As I love crease/blending brush. This is good as it is quite small. Perfect for small eyes and can be use for any purpose, really.

Manicare liner brush. It is soft and good for gel liner. Well I hardly use it, but I like it when I happen to play with it.

Essence lid brush. This is decently size. It is fluffy but not exactly the softest brush. Good at picking up pigments.

Nobrand lid brush. This is like first brush ever. I love it. Until now I feel that it is the perfect size for my lid. It is slightly tempered at the top, so it can reach the inner corners of the lid very well.

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage brush is not suppose to be in this picture. This is a concealer brush. Good at doing its job as it has a pointed tip.

Maybelline eyeliner brush. This comes free with the Maybelline gel eyeliner. But I really do think that the brush is perfect for applying liner. It is soft yet sturdy and the tip is the right size for a thin or a thick line.

Elianto angle brush. This one is nice for setting the eyeliner with a powder shadow. It will pick up the shadow and the angle make it just right for tapping into line.

MUA E4 is a liner brush. Just a typical liner brush. But at least you can cover it up so it is good for travelling around with.

Nobrand lid brush. This is my attempt at replacing my fav eye brush. This is good but not as good. So I tend to use this with cream shadows. It will not absorb the cream, so it makes a better cream shadow applicator. And it doesn’t spoil the brush.

So there you have it. All my eye brushes that doesn’t belong with the rest of my brushes.

MUA Black Lipstick 

Happy Halloween! It’s tomorrow what the heck. You kind of need to plan ahead. But as usual, I don’t have anything going on. So I just thought of putting on black lipstick. I always wanted to be able to pull the look of wearing black lipstick. If I smile often, I seriously think this looks good. Even for me, it is a good contrasting colour. I like it. It’s not easy to use as its a dark colour. But overall all MUA lipsticks is good. The price is good so the quality is fine for the price, well even better than I expect. So yeah, one day I will wear it out. 


MUA Blush Comparison 

I just bought the whole new MUA £1 blushes. I think they are £1. There were 6 shades. So I gathered I will test them all and compare them. 


Marshmallow – a hot magenta. Or maybe a slight neon purple. It’s smooth to the touch, very pigmented. On the cheeks, it’s more of a purple hue, need to really get the pigments on the brush.  

Bubble Gum – a muted pinkish red. Not exactly shimmery, but it’s not that matte either. I guess it’s more of a coated glow. It’s quite pigmented, but use with a brush the colour payoff is just right. The fallout is not as bad as the rest.  

Candyfloss – a lilac pink with shimmer. Pigmentation is not bad. One wipe across the cheek is good. Not bad, I like it. But the fallout. It’s ok it you use your hands but with a brush is just messy.  

Cupcake – a light neutral shade. Quite powdery, pigmented when swatched, but using a brush cannot really see.  

Lolly – a pastel neutral orange. Well, a bit of Popsicle colour. The picture washed off the colour. It’s a bit shimmery. Not really obvious. Swatch ok, but using a brush, I have to pack the colour in. Like at least three times for a little peachy to show.  

Bon Bon – a peach pink neutral orange coral shade. It’s a pretty colour when applied. Powdery yes, but it shows on the cheek. It’s not as pigmented, so its patchiness doesn’t really show up as much.  

So overall, the blushes, the darker shades are good cause the colour shows up more. Plus they are smoother. The rest are just more crumbly. I guess they are very soft. The way to use these is to tap with the brush. Swiping it, just makes the pigments break off into little particles. Messy and wasteful. So yes or no? For £1, it’s not bad. But honestly it’s a no for me. It’s good to try out colours as sometimes you just not sure if purple is a good cheek colour. So this will be good for that. 

MUA Every Lash Mascara

I got this cause everyone say that this smells of apples. So true! I love it. Well I love the scent. The mascara is quite a frying mascara. Not a lot of product stick onto the rubbery wand tip. It’s quite a flexible wand. It has tiny spikes at the end and longer in the middle and a little ball of spike on its end. It reminds me of a friendly version of They’re Real or The Rocket. So it’s not so scary to use and it is just like a normal wand. Up close, it’s a bit hour glass shape, this making the center a bit longer. 

The mascara itself is alright. It’s more of a natural mascara. Even though it said its volume and lengthening, doesn’t do anything. It just coat my lashes black. It’s not waterproof so it’s easy to remove. But it doesn’t smudge and stuff. So it’s an overall ok product, but something I would recommend, well except to smell it.  

£1 Red Lipsticks Comparison 

I just realized I only have 1 dark red. Well not really, I’m sure I have more in my collection. Then I have shade 8, which is the shiny one. It’s a glittery but not so obvious. More of a maroon, but still considered red. Then shade 13 is technically is the same as MUR Lady. It’s quite a cherry kissed red. Both texture the same, wear the same, last the same. MUR Dare is a matte red. It’s the same MUA matte in Scarlet Siren. Both are a cherry red. Doesn’t swatch as beautifully as the others but still MUR Dare is still my favourite as it’s the easiest to apply. I feel all these are easy to apply. Don’t need any lip liner. Plus they all kind of stain the lips, sort of. So it’s just a good, inexpensive, daily red lipsticks. 


MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer in Aflush

This is so neon. It looks really weird on me. Even though when it swatched really nice and just seeing the lips, it looks good. This is not for anyone with dry lips. I find that it can get between the crevices and it just makes it look awhole lot Bleh. But it’s really a great neon pink perfect for summer of you are the daring type.