First Impression: My Beauty Diary Black Mask

It’s just very cool having a mask that is black. This also covers the neck. So it’s quite nice. It also seems to be on a smaller side so it quite fit my face. But I feel like it’s not even. 

I like that it’s moisturising. Once I remove this, my face feels quite sticky. And in the morning, I am left with a few extra spots. So it should be coming from this. Such a pity. I don’t dare to use a second time. 


First Impression: Bulgarian White Rose Mask

This smells so good. It smells of roses. It’s so refreshing. It’s calming and it just feels like spring is in the air. And it’s very light. A lot of essence, so quite messy. But it’s just a very light mask. The scent is also very light. Not overpowering. So it’s nice, really soothing. 

First Impression: Bird Nest Mask

Had 3 masks that has bird’s nest on it. So i thought ill just review them altogether.  Personally I don’t really see what is different bout this, but oh well.  

My beauty diary imperial bird’s nest is ok. Its a normal sheet mask. Quite a refreshing mask but nothing much really. But it is a good fit for my face. 

Sister diary pearl bird’s nest is a thin mask. Quite cooling upon application. The mask kept dropping down for some reason. The fit is just wrong. But is ok. 

My beauty diary bird’s nest mask is so wet. The essence just kept dripping onto my neck. Plus this has a very strong alcohol scent. A bit uncomfortable to use actually. Not sure why. 

So I guess I can conclude that these masks are nice to use, but you won’t really see much a difference. If daily use, then it really does help to hydrate the skin. Cause of the essence that is being absorbed by the mask. Well, I guess they are also helpful as those things where you put in the fridge so you get a cooling sheet mask for your face. But other than that, these don’t cost that much, so that’s what you get. 

Caviar Mask

Just had to try this. I love caviar so I ya nothing much to say. This is for firming, elasticity and luster. I guess I can feel the firmness, but that’s about it. 

I do like this though as the scent is quite nice, very mild. Doesn’t smell like caviar or has any fishy scent of you are wondering. The fit is alright. It is quite suited to my face shape. It is also not drenched in too much essence so that’s good. But it is still wet enough for it to transfer to the face. Overall, I would consider purchasing this again. 


First Impression: My Beauty Diary Masks

I’m an alcoholic. Ok I’m not, but I’m interested in anything that has the word liqueur in it. Especially if those words are Bailey and Champagne. Anyway, I got this from Facebook when My Beauty Diary started setting up their Facebook page I believe. You can choose one mask to try per name and address. And so I got two.
red wine mask
This is Red Wine Mask for nourishing and revitalizing. The spelling say vine, I guess that’s why they were giving this out for sample.
When I first open this, I see the extra plastic sheet which I don’t like. But I guess it’s there to protect the shape of the mask. I love love love the smell of this mask. The scent of wine flood my nose, love it! Once it’s on your face, the scent disappear though. They say to use 2-3 times per week for best result. Hmm, I’m just not that diligent. But overall I like it, even if its purely cause of the scent. It’s cooling, but I don’t see a difference after using this.
my beauty diary
Arbutin Whitening Mask
This itches me so very much. Wearing it a mere 2 minutes and one part of my face get itchy. Wearing mask and itchiness happens sometime, but it usually doesn’t bother me. But after this experience, now I wonder if those are signs that the masks are not that suitable for my skin. But I can’t recall which ones are the culprit. Anyway, the itchiness kept coming, not periodically but just at random time. And it’s a different part of my face.
Apart from that, I don’t see any different on my skin, and the mask itself is just normal. Doesn’t feel that fantastic on the face. Not that cooling, kind of moisturizing. But doesn’t have any wow factor.
I do like the size of the mask. It fits me perfectly.
This also kind of translucent. Different from others I tried where they’re more thick.

My Beauty Diary has a bunch of different masks. Since the fit is just right for my face, I think I’ll try out more of them. I am interested in the Yogurt Mask as its for oil control. But I’m scared it will be like the Arbutin Whitening Mask cause that itches me. So hmm, we shall have to see I guess.